Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pop music of the future...

I spent my Sunday In a dark studio in the Sodo area of Seattle recording my first demo in about a billion and a half years. Things went well for the most part. We could only run through the vocals once before a loud metal band started playing next door so we were not able to fix the parts I would like to have fixed.
I've never recorded vocals with Jon before, so I was nervous. I can tell when I listen to the playback as I have a certain amount of pitchy vibrato on certain words that only comes with nerves. It is one thing singing and playing at home all day, it is another thing doing it for keeps.
He says he's looking forward to recording some more in the coming weeks. Jon thinks it's good enough to post as a rough demo on the internet for my friends to hear. I think most of my friends are such uber talented musicians that I won’t be posting any rough anythings for them to hear… I found a compromise.
The demo has been posted on the World Wide Web. Where you ask? Let’s just say that it is my secret. ;-)


Mira Manga said...

This is too much! I need to know where it's at!

Michelle Auer said...

Mira! You know I have a weakness for beutiful ladies. What if I made you wait until you came here to see me? ;-) Would I still see you in April?

Mira Manga said...

Of course - I'd just have sulked the whole time til I heard it though ;)



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