Sunday, May 17, 2009

2001: Serendipity

I was taking the bus home on an exceptionally gray day. It had been a long month and I had a million things whirring through my mind. I sighed to myself and whispered, "What am I missing?"
Right then, the bus stops and the doors to my right opened. There, framed perfectly by the open doors, almost within reach, he stood reading the paper, unaware of just how close I was. It had been months since I'd seen him, so the shock almost knocked the wind out of me.
The door closed as quickly as they had opened and the bus was moving again. I just started laughing. Sometimes the universe is a little too obvious.

1995: He touched my hand & stole my heart

After hundreds of hours on the phone, we finally got to meet face to face again for a few precious, stolen hours. He reached across the table and put his hand over mine. It was such a simple action, but it's impact on me was nothing short of magical. Every part of me knew we would be married someday, I just had no idea then, that it would take another seven years before we could finally be together.

1996: Maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me...

The first nights we spent here there was no furniture, a small makeshift bed in the bedroom, some candles I gave him as a housewarming gift, and a CD player with one CD that we played over and over. It could have been anywhere as long as we were together. It was one of the happiest weeks of my life.

1997: The greatest distance

We had not talked in over a year since our tearful goodbye. He had gone back to her and I was trying to move on. I stood at the bottom of these steps for what seemed like a lifetime, but could not bring myself to walk up them and knock on his door.
It was time to walk away, but I didn't know how to let go.

1998: Sanctuary

Two lost souls with broken hearts, bruised egos and daughters to raise found friendship, love, music and sanctuary here. This was the place where we put the pieces back together and prepared ourselves for the lives we were meant to have when we were whole again. The thing we didn't realize at the time was that that life would be wonderful, just not together. This was a time for healing, personal growth and sanctuary.

1993: After searching all day we found a home.

We got off the plane at 6AM and started out on foot with exactly $1100 in our pocket and a need to find a home.
The sun was going down and we were starting to worry we would be out of luck. This was the last place we looked. The landlord let us move in that night. We slept on the floor using our jackets for pillows and a sheet borrowed from the landlord. We were home.

1994: I sat here with my one suitcase & a baby in my belly waiting for my life to start.

The taxi came and we escaped into our future, my unborn baby and I, leaving this stoop and that life behind.

1993: We would sit on this wall & dream about the future

When it was too hot to think and we were too poor to go out, we would sit on this wall enjoying the night breeze, sharing a cold drink and dreams of the future. These were happier times for us, before he let his addictions get the best of him. We were young and at the start of a new life and a new adventure.

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