Thursday, July 21, 2005

Second hand news

I am going to put on my writers cap and update the website for Jon today. He is far away from a computer and traveling so much right now he just would not have time to write, but he checks in with me regularly so I figure the least I can do is pass along some of his road stories so far.

He said Paris was three-showers-a-day hot and muggy, but it was a lot of fun. This was the first show to launch the tour. He said they sold quite a few T-shirts (I guess they have special Euro Posies shirts just for this tour) and the crowd was awesome! They had not practiced in a few weeks so it wasn’t perfect, but it went really well for the first show of a tour.

They played with Cheap Star (The band that Ken has been working with and that Jon is going in the studio with for a week before they leave on the US tour at the end of August.) He said during the show both Jon and Ken joined Cheap Star on stage. They are a band to watch if you are in those parts. Jon played the CD for me of rough mixes and it was pretty cool! Funny story, I guess they were late for sound check because the van was “misplaced” Someone in the crew moved it to a safer area for parking and then got turned around when going back to find it. Eventually it was found and they got started. Sounded like the usual first day jitters type of thing to happen. I thought it was pretty funny!

Day two was in Switzerland. There was trouble finding a phone so I didn’t hear much about this particular show.

Show 3; day 4 they are in Dublin, Ireland. Jon called me after the show a little tipsy, but in good spirits. He said that the drive was like 30 hours in the van and on a ferry. I guess the navigator got lost a few times, which made the drive that much longer, but they made it to the venue no worse for the wear. He said they sold several CDs. The crowd seemed very friendly, even while we were on the phone I could hear people coming up saying “Great show!” He called me on Darius’ cell. I am sure we will be hearing from D when he gets that bill! Those silly boys!

So really, they are all in great spirits! Maybe a little homesick, but having a good time and still working out the bugs that come with the start of any tour. It looks like Ireland for the next few days. I will pass on any more show info as I get it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another day another dream..

This one consisted of a not pregnant co-worker finding out she is pregnant and then FF to her having a baby girl. We were having an office baby shower for her after the baby was born (In my dream she came early) It was in the Spring next year. It was a happy dream, and pretty vivid. I am just glad it was not another creepy anxiety dream like I had been having!

Last Night:
Darian and I rented the latest season of Dead Like me that came out on DVD yesterday! I am so happy! It seemed like we waited FOREVER for that to come out! We had a slumber party in my room last eve and watched them until I seriously could no longer keep my eyes open. This morning came early and I was TIRED. Of course my little night owl of a child could have watched the entire season! We made it to the 7th episode, tonight we will watch the rest.

It is such a fun show. We love it! And really, I needed to laugh at/make light of death after the last week. It is fantastic for that!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Welcome to my pity party. (I am getting on my own nerves I swear!)

It is 10 PM where Jon is right now. He is probably just arriving at the club they are playing in Paris and getting ready to play. I have been listening to Songs From the Year of our Demise all day and missing him.

I feel like all of my emotions are boiling right under the surface. I have started to tear up an embarrassing amount of times all day. I am usually a pretty tough cookie, but I think I have reached the line.

My emotional cup runneth over.

I am hoping to work out extra hard at the gym today. Sometimes it helps to physically exhaust myself to the point where the emotional exhaustion doesn't matter so much.

So much has changed, another friend is gone, and I am a million miles away from the one person who's hugs always make me feel safe from it all.

Days like this make it hard not to feel completely tiny and insignificant.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

This is horrible news…

My friend Michael has died. I worked with him for years at LizardTech. He was often times my lunch companion and he was my mentor on many things when I was learning the wonderful world of technology. He was a really sweet person. The last time I saw him was at the airport in Chicago in the middle of the night, I was leaving and he was flying in. We chatted for a bit and said our goodbyes. I have not been in touch with him since then. I read this on his band Silkworm’s message board today:

Author: tmidgett
Subject: semi-official word on Michael

Hello all,

First of all, thanks for your thoughts.

Second of all, here is the sum total of what we know right now:

Michael and our friends John Glick and Doug Meis were traveling from Shure to someplace for lunch.

They were behind a car at a light.

A young woman, bent on doing injury to herself, ran into the back of the car at a high rate of speed.

Evidently, all three guys were killed instantly.

I'm sure more details will come out over time. But those are the facts as I understand them presently.

I don't have much else to say. Except, again, thank you, all of you.



Here is the NBC link on the accident

and She was the one trying to kill herself.

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