Friday, June 24, 2005

2 weeks and 3 days...

That is how much time before Jon and I celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. I looked it up and it seems this is paper. I should tell him that money will be dandy as a paper gift! :-)

We are going to throw a party to celebrate and the wheels are now in motion! I am so excited, I love throwing parties! We are going to do it at Licia's place because she has the perfect backyard for it.
I think I am going to order a couple of the Ladro pies since that is the same pie we had at our wedding, and maybe buy a case of the same type of champagne just for the sweet nostalgia of it all.

I wonder if I could get away with wearing my dress again?

KIDDING! (sort of)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Batman Begins

It was exactly what I expected it to be. Nothing revolutionary, but a decent little action movie. Far better than the 2nd X-men movie, but inferior to the 1st. It falls somewhere in between.
The coolest effect of the movie is how they used the camera to make the action sequences seem like the fluttering of bat wings, the downside to this is it physically makes you dizzy after a while. The people I went with all felt a little drunk leaving the theatre due to the swinging camera angles.

The downside; I wish they would have cut the big car chase in the middle down by about 5 minutes. The whole movie was about 10 minutes too long and during that car chase it really started to feel that way.

As expected the movie ends with either a set up for a sequel or a very loose link to the 1st Batman movie starring Jack Nicholson. I am not sure if they are in any way connected, but how they ended it, it left me wondering if they were meant to be.

The best part of the movie experience for me: I saw the preview to the new Fantastic 4 movie which I am looking forward to this summer!

I have a bone to pick!

OK, I have to get this off my chest. Here is a perfect example of what pisses me off about the news. Pretty blonde Coed vanishes in Aruba on a little vacation. I can't turn on the news without hearing about it. I now practically know her life story. She went there to party, got toasty and went home with the wrong men. chances are she is long gone from this world. Now I do not condone what happened to her, and it really is heartbreaking for her family, and I think the amount of coverage is a good thing, but here is where the "rub me the wrong way" part comes in.
My first boyfriend travels to Taiwan to teach English to people, his third day there he vanishes off the face of the earth. It takes me THREE years to hear about it because the only news coverage is in Taiwan, an a year or so later a blurb in the Anchorage Alaska paper! WTF!? Is his life not as important as the blond girl who went out partying? Does he not make a pretty enough poster child on the news? Who knows, if people had got as heavily as involved with this case all around the world as they did with Aruba, maybe at least they would have recovered his remains by now.
Oh and the runaway bride, like SHE needed so much news coverage! Like THAT is a story that I care about.
I read an interview with Angelina Jolie recently and she said something that stood out. She said she had been away in developing countries for three months and not one photographer took pictures there, a place the world is relatively uniformed about the horrors of. Then she goes to NY and tries to take her son on a carousel ride and they can barely wade through the sea of photographers. There is something really wrong with that!
The news is not our friend which I am certain is no surprise to anyone.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BOOM says the sky

I just spoke to my daughter, she is sounding a little blue. Today was her last day of school and it is also her last day at the school she has been attending for the last few years. She has been excited about the new school up until today. I think the reality of the finality of it all just hit her today.
Poor baby.

I had a pretty great work day so far. Still 2 hours to go...

The weather went from sunny to crazy downpour in the last few minutes and I didn't bother to wear a coat! I hope Jon will be able to pick me up! At least we have a Value Village downstairs. Worse case scenario I will just run down there and buy an umbrella or something rain proof.

Woah! We just had major thunder. The windows are actually shaking!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Today is anti-suck day.

It is a beautiful day outside, and I feel happy and sparkley so I have decided to declare this Anti-suck day! If you are having a bad day, you must stop right now! Life is too short and you don't know when it will all be over.
Sorry, but those are your orders. You may resume your bad day tomorrow or never, but until midnight tonight there is no sucking allowed.

teehee.. that was fun. Now on to other things that do sort of suck, but I am going to make an effort to be over them for today.

So my friend Chris had a link on his livejournal Friday that led me to some pretty horrific news. This was my first boyfriend from HS:

I eventually broke up with him to date the guy who became Darian's chrome donor, but he was a really sweet guy. Probably a little on the too sweet/naive side in some ways. As teens we planned a trip to Belize together, even bought the tickets, but I backed out at the last minute. He still went and had a grand old time!

I guess they never did find him or his remains. I did some investigating and the two main theories are
A: He was murdered for his passport (I guess in Taiwan they can get $25,000 for an American passport.)
B: He was swept away by the river after cooling off from the hot springs.
His body was never found but his luggage somehow made it's way back to his hostel 10 days after he vanished. His mom still wanders the streets passing out flyers.

So Fred, in your honor I will declare today an anti-suck day. I just hope whatever happened to you, it was quick and painless and you are happy now wherever you are.

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