Saturday, June 16, 2007

Radio8Ball - Sundown

This is the video of Jon and Andras doing the live version of the radio8ball show. Our friend, Bre, was randomly drawn on this particular night.
Her question was, "Who, even, are you, even, fer-reals?"

This next video is of our fearless host doing a song himself! It is a lovely song called Message for the Moon by Andras Jones.

Caffeine Cafe - Seattle

This is one of those times that I really want to talk about what an amazing experience I've had at a restaurant, but at the same time I am a bit afraid to because I kind of want to keep it my own little secret.
Why would I keep it a secret? Because I know as soon as I start telling people about it, and they go there, this place will be packed and hopping on the weekends.
Yes, it is that good!

Today was the first day that Caffeine Cafe opened their fairly new restaurant for brunch. Since a good brunch place without an hour long line on Capitol Hill is nearly impossible to find, I was pretty excited about the prospect of a new option. I brought the family down a few hours ago to try out the new brunch menu.

First of all, the atmosphere of the place is just beautiful. It had a lot of fantastic, colorful art pieces on the walls. It has very modern, yet warm furniture and great lighting. One could easily see it as a set in a movie or as a cafe that the Sex and the City girls would be meeting for one of their trademark brunches. It was obvious that someone took great care in putting this place together and that they had impeccable taste.
Caffeine Cafe is a little off the beaten path as far as location goes, but because of it's location there was tons of street parking. (Major bonus in Seattle!) We were able to park without a problem right in front of the door!

Darian and I ordered waffles, mine had a berry compote and Darian's had apples and walnuts. They were beautifully presented and tasted as good as they looked! Usually waffles are a little too heavy, and as much as I like them, I leave feeling like I have a rock in my stomach, but this one was just right. I also noted that the topping to waffle ratio was perfection, so much so that neither Darian or I needed to touch the extra syrup the waitress supplied us with.

Jon had a very classic two egg breakfast plate. He said that the potatoes were exceptionally yummy, his plate was also put together with great care.
The people who were leaving the table next to us highly recommended something called a Two Eyed Monster. It had sausage and peppers, which I was not in the mood for this morning, but I really want to try now that I have seen what the chef can do.

The staff were super sweet, the chef even came out and answered some questions for us. Jon had noticed some really intriguing looking sandwiches on the menu board and the chef was happy to answer his questions, he even wrote down the name and address of the meat supplier he used because Jon wanted to know. Jon was really impressed with the whole experience. (I have a feeling that Jon will be getting some take out sandwiches for lunch during the week!)
We will be going back quite often, or at least until everyone else finds out about it! For Caffeine Cafe, I hope that time is very soon, because for as much care and heart they have obviously put into this place I think they really deserve to have their business take off and do really well!

Caffeine Cafe
1809 Minor Ave #101
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 838-7441
Open all day M-F
Now Serving Brunch:
Sat-Sun 7:30AM-3:00PM
Belgium Waffles
French Toast

Friday, June 15, 2007

Remembering James Polk

On my way home today I was stopped by a familiar Real Change Vendor in a spot where another familiar face has been missing for a few weeks now. Before I had a chance to ask him where James has been (He is the guy we usually buy our Real Change paper from) he asked me, "Did you hear the news about James? He passed away. I just found out today."
I had not heard the news, and even though I was not surprised by it, the news weighed heavy on my heart.
James was a very kind man. He was one of those people that would always smile when you walked by. It could be raining and cold and he would still be cracking jokes!
I didn't know a lot about him. I only knew the sorts of things that the most casual acquaintances could know. I saw him in passing nearly every day and always stopped to talk at least for a minute.
I knew he loved orange juice and orange Popsicles were his favorite flavor. I knew he had very kind eyes and a sweet smile. He was always warm and welcoming. I knew he had been through some hard times in life and he was just like the rest of us, doing what he had to to get by.
I guess that isn't a lot if you really think about it, but it is what I knew.

Almost every day on my walk home from work he would say, "Well, you look nice today!" followed by, "You should tell your husband to take you on a vacation. Perhaps the Bahamas or Jamaica?"
Then he would point out the articles on the front cover and explain to me in his own way why he thought I should read them.
He was a simple fellow with an almost childlike quality to his speech, but he always sounded pleasant and happy. When we saw him outside, my daughter would always grab a dollar from me at the registar and run ahead of me to buy a paper.

My family became very attached to seeing him every day over the years, so whenever he would not be in his usual spot for a few days in a row we would become concerned. Even though he was a younger man and he always seemed chipper and happy you could tell by the yellow that was slowly darkening the whites of his eyes that he was not in the best health.

The last time I saw him was probably the last day he worked a few weeks back. He told me that he had been in the hospital and that he had been very sick, but he thinks he is doing better now. The light in his eyes that was normally there was not quite as bright as it usually was, and his voice was a little less cheerful, but he still smiled and he still told me "You should tell your husband to take you on a vacation!"

This is the Obituary that was in the Real Change paper this week:
This weekend brought sad news to Real Change, when we were told that one of our vendors, James Davis Polk, had died. The cause of death, according to his sister, Juanita Mae, was a liver ailment. He had been staying with a cousin in Tacoma, recovering from a stroke earlier this year when he died Sun., June 10.
Born April 14, 1961 in Hattiesburg, Miss., James only spent three months there, before his family moved to Seattle. From then on, this city was his home.

A popular vendor since 2001, who sold papers on Capitol Hill, at the QFC located on E. 15th Ave., James was beloved by customers for his sense of humor and winning smile. These traits were parlayed into one of his most endearing selling strategies: gently teasing potential buyers by referring to them as Bill Gates or Paul Allen.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All your thoughts were clean and clear...

Tonight we went to the Radio8Ball show with Andras Jones and Jon as the musical guest. The premise of the show is that everyone in the audience places a question in a box. The questions are chosen at random. Not every question gets picked, but as luck would have it, last night my question was picked second! So I had to get up on stage, ask my question and spin the wheel.

My question was: Should I go back to school this year?

My answer was:

Friday comes with little warning
Saturday is close behind
Then you sleep in Sunday morning
Monday back out on the line
Bitter friends go passing by you
They pretend that you're not there
It's their affection they deny you
So you pretend that you don't care
You're not to blame 'cause you were never
Made aware

(that) it all comes back
In good time and that's a fact
It's all right--at least for now

A healthy dose of deep depression
Keeps you comfortably smug
Life without you can't imagine
It's become your favorite drug

Once you had your own direction
And all your thoughts were clean and clear
Now gazing at your own reflection
Makes you want to smash the mirror
You can never listen but I know that
You can hear


You can always worry
You can always think that you're wrong
But never say you're sorry
For something that you've never done

The weight of the world is on your shoulders
You've seen so much and your so young
But you'll have to wait until your older
To understand all that's been done
Stand your ground because the battle has
Just begun

Missed this one and want to catch the next show?
July 17th at CHAC with Central Services

(I made a couple of videos of the show as well, will get those posted to youtube soon!)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What's new on the Pretty Red iPod?

This week's downloads:

Smile: Charles Chaplin

Between The Bars (Elliott Smith Cover): Madeleine Peyroux

Trust in Me: Siouxsie and The Banshees

Via Con Me: Paolo Conte

Back To Your Heart: Dinosaur Jr.

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