Thursday, May 05, 2005

New BFF!

So last eve we introduced Podo and Milo after spending a few days in a split cage. I had my oven mitt on one hand ready to break up any fights that might occur. It was the cutest thing ever! It was instant love. Kodo is about twice the size of Milo and he just jumped on him and started licking him. It was so adorable. He then let Milo go, Milo tried to run and hide. Kodo would go up to him and get close to his face and close his eyes and put his head down in front of him, like he was showing that he was not going to hurt him.
He kept doing that over and over until Milo finally stared to groom Kodo. Within a few hours they were best buddies. It is super cute, they both seem very happy to be running around and playing.

I am so glad that it was a successful introduction! I was worried that Kodo would die from a broken heart after Podo died. Now he has a brand new baby to take care of!

The Posies on the Radio at 10AM today!

In a few minutes they will be on KEXP. You can hear it online at
If you miss them just go and listen to the 10AM archive. They will play some new songs of the new record and hang for a bit. Maybe play a live tune?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Whats in a name?

So we now have a new addition to our family, an adorable baby gerbil. Right away the girls dubbed him Nemo, but the more I have been hanging with him I think he looks more like a Milo. So what do you all think? Milo or Nemo?

Right now we have them in a split cage set up so they get used to each others scent. On Sunday they will finally get to interact directly. The baby seems unphased, but Kodo look like he was going to go through the screen the first day we put him in there. Now he smells him through the screen with interest and not so much agression any longer. The pet store folk said it was better to introduce a baby because Kodo would likely want to mentor him once the loss of his little partner set in.
So I am back to thinking Kodo might be a boy. The lady at the pet store said theey only carry males as to avoid unwanted babies. I guess it all depends on what chain of Pet stores Kodo and Poto were purchased at.... I will have to ask Amie.

Either way, we have a cute little friend living with us again.

In other news, there is a pigeon trapped in an empty showroom across the street. he looks so sad, like he is begging to be let out. I called the property manager and they are sending someone to release him. Thank goodness, it was breaking my heart seeing him looking at me through the window on my walk to work :-( He is probably starving in there! He just paces the glass when people walk by like he is begging to be freed. Who knows how long he has been locked in there!

Monday, May 02, 2005

What a bipolar weekend.

It started off beautiful. Saturday morning I went to my hairdresser and she did a fantastic job completely changing my look. I love it! I walked out in great spirits. Then I went to meet with Dominique and baby Aden while the Posies practiced. We spent the whole day shopping and wandering around the hill. Darian was having a great time playing nanny. She wanted to push the stroller and play with the baby all day. She loves babies! I made her promise to wait until she was done with college to have them though! Dom is great, and the sun was shining, it was a really wonderful time.

Saturday eve when we got home I noticed one of our gerbils was not looking so hot. I decided if he was not better by morning I was taking to the vet.

Sunday he looked a little worse so we took him to the vet emergency center. We spent most of the morning there. They gave us antibiotics and sent us home. They said he should be OK. We watched him very closely the rest of the day. He slept on my chest for a few hours, but then started getting all crazy. I think he had a slow brain bleed, because he started sort of looking blind.
At 8:00 we had to give him his meds, I was holding him and then all of a sudden his body got all jerky. I thought he just wanted to be put down. I put him in the cage and he started flipping all over. he was having a major seizer. I held him down gently so he didn't hurt himself while he was seizing. He did for about a minute and then got very still, he was gone. It was very sad. We all cried and took turns holding him. Then we put him in a tiny box and put him in the freezer to be buried this evening. This morning Kodo was sitting in his cage looking majorly depressed. or should I say HER cage? When looking at gerbil sites I found photos of gerbil parts so you could tell which sex your critters are.
I compared to our gerbils to be positive that when we got the new one it was the right sex. It turns out our little boy gerbils are actually little girl gerbils! Yup, they had no gerbil balls. This whole time we thought we had two little boys when in reality we had girls. That would explain why they looked so teeny compared to the boy we tried to add to the cage months back, girls are smaller! So Kodo is a girl.

I have been contacting local breeders this morning looking for a hand fed young one to introduce to kodo so she doesn't die from loneliness. Hopefully we will find her a good match.

oh and to make matters worse, I chipped one of my molars on Sunday evening as well.

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