Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Whats in a name?

So we now have a new addition to our family, an adorable baby gerbil. Right away the girls dubbed him Nemo, but the more I have been hanging with him I think he looks more like a Milo. So what do you all think? Milo or Nemo?

Right now we have them in a split cage set up so they get used to each others scent. On Sunday they will finally get to interact directly. The baby seems unphased, but Kodo look like he was going to go through the screen the first day we put him in there. Now he smells him through the screen with interest and not so much agression any longer. The pet store folk said it was better to introduce a baby because Kodo would likely want to mentor him once the loss of his little partner set in.
So I am back to thinking Kodo might be a boy. The lady at the pet store said theey only carry males as to avoid unwanted babies. I guess it all depends on what chain of Pet stores Kodo and Poto were purchased at.... I will have to ask Amie.

Either way, we have a cute little friend living with us again.

In other news, there is a pigeon trapped in an empty showroom across the street. he looks so sad, like he is begging to be let out. I called the property manager and they are sending someone to release him. Thank goodness, it was breaking my heart seeing him looking at me through the window on my walk to work :-( He is probably starving in there! He just paces the glass when people walk by like he is begging to be freed. Who knows how long he has been locked in there!



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