Friday, May 13, 2005

Too many sushi rolls!

Jon and I went on a little sushi date last eve. I ordered sushi on my own last eve which was really hilarious. They gave us this little sheet of paper to mark off what we want. Now I have never really ordered sushi before so I am going over all of the selections and he is explaining what each is to me.

I decide the California roll sounds good. so I mark that i want 2 of those and 2 cucumber rolls. Jon says, "Are you sure?" I am thinking "I can handle 4 pieces of sushi no problem!"
He orders several other selections and we turn in the slip. When our sushi shows up it looks like it was for 5 people! Turns out 1 California roll consist of like 6 pieces! I ordered like 24 pieces of sushi for myself not 4!
What a dork!

When Jon realized what I had been thinking he just laughed and said, "I just thought you must be really hungry when you were ordering!"

So we stuffed our faces and had several to bring home. The California rolls will keep in the fridge to have for lunch today. I guess we all have a first time! :-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm a very lucky girl, yes I am..

I have been feeling good these days. Getting things done, moving forward leaving the past where it belongs and so on. I am in excellent health getting better every day, almost all of my laundry is done and my house is clean, I have a fantastic kid and I am crazy about my husband. All in all life is good.

Last evening I babysat little Aden. She is such an adorable little girl! She was so interested in our kitties all running through the house. Every time one would walk by she would point and squeal and start to bounce. It was so freaking cute! When she started to get tired, we got all cozy on the couch and I introduced her to Muppets in Space. She was mesmerized! She was out like a light in no time and mom and dad showed up not long after to retrieve her.
Dom is such a cool lady as well. The more I spend time with her the more I am going to miss her when she goes back to Paris. Ken really picked a good one there! Aden is too adorable as well. He is a lucky guy that one!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I am really happy this weekend is over and behind me!

It was nice in many ways, but also quite stressful in others.
The sound in that place was a real issue in fact Jon said he had a pretty long chat with the owner afterwards so as to help with that. That room is totally set up for acoustic acts right now, not for bands that are loud and especially not as loud as the Posies. (Side note: Back stage matt says, “I have played bass in some really loud bands but you guys are the loudest guitars I have played with and that is saying a LOT!” )
So add that to a really live room and Viola You get instant headache and loose the ability to communicate. Well, unless you are Barbara Mitchell that is. I watched her talk through the whole show, the person she was talking to must know how to read lips, because I could not even hear my own thoughts! Haha! But she is a pro at going to see the rock I suppose.
The guys went to the local radio station just before the show KUGS and they even mention Taylor by name a few times! The lady DJ says, “I really like the new songs”
The guys say, “You have heard them?”
She says, “Yes online, the MP3’s at the Posies page.”
They say, “TAYLOR!!!”
And then all start laughing.
They then played a few more new tracks on the radio and Ken says, “And Taylor, these better not show up on the web page or I will…” and he started giggling again. I really don’t think they were serious; they were just being really goofy.
I think at the end of the night there were about 230 tickets sold, not too bad for Bellingham given the fact the show was not advertised at all.
The guys were well rehearsed. The tequila kept getting sent to the stage, but the only one who seemed to get excited about it was Ken. It is funny because I thin they would get even more excited these days if people sent up good red wine than 25 shots of tequila! (That of course is my own observation not anything anyone told me, but it would be an interesting experiment to see. Maybe I will have a bottle sent to the stage next time and find out)
There was one group of girls getting far too rowdy at the front of the stage and then some other girl runs up with a weird furry thing and it all goes to Kindergarten after that. That was a little annoying. Sometimes I would prefer the show I came to see to be the main focus and not hear someone screaming and stuff during the slower more sensitive songs, or throwing stupid furry stuffed animals.
The guys were just trying hard to ignore them.
The drive home was long as I was very tired. I don’t drink at all, but I sure did feel drunk near the end of the drive due to extreme fatigue!
Jon was very sweet on the ride home, very lovey and so on, so that helped keep me awake. I had worried after seeing all of the tequila going up to the stage that I might be driving home with Mr Hyde and he would have been riding home in the trunk! But I don’t think he ended up actually drinking much of it, or else he was immune since he got so toasty at the Sloan show the night before!

We woke up at noon, returned the rental car and as I was following Jon in our car I noticed our car had the tail lights out. Long story short, it was a tad more than that and we just got back from the mechanic. He was so cool, he charged us for only a ¼ of the work he did and we bought him beer. He saved us over $65. He said “Happy Mother’s Day!”
INDEED! Thanks dude!

Oh and my new hair was a huge hit! Yay for my hairdresser Maggie! I won’t tell you where she works, because I wanna keep all to myself!

Here is the set list from the show (Jon made it on our computer so I have easy access to cut and paste!):
Bellingham - 5/7/05

SO Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mommy friends! And hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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