Friday, November 11, 2005

The incredible shrinking tour…

One piece of good news is that the last leg or the European tour is getting smaller. The guys are working on getting it lean and mean. This means when Jon leaves again after New Years it won’t be until March like it looked like a while ago. I have to admit I am as relieved by this as much as I am sure a lot of Euro fans will probably be disappointed by this news!

Why Can't I be You?

It's payday!
So far I have:

1- Paid my student loan.

2- Bought sexy new knee high boots. They are vintage, brown leather and too cute! I LOVE them, I am wearing them right now and they fit perfectly. Now my boot collection is that much closer to being complete!

3- Ate some of the best tofu Phad Thai drowning in peanut sauce ever. Yum!

What I want to do:
1- I want to go see Pride and Prejudice so much! I LOVE Jane AustEn!

2- I also want to see Walk the Line because I love music related love stories especially ones that make me feel all squishy and remind me of the rock-n-roll love story that is my life. (Have I mentioned lately how much I miss that guy)

3- finish my laundry so I can quit writing laundry related posts. (I so want to make some sort of pun about not airing my dirty laundry publicly, but I am trying hard to refrain from this.)

Many strange dreams last night about furry footwear, ex-co-workers, girl cults and Croatia. I will let you use your imagination, because I certainly exercised mine with this dream. It would have confused David Lynch.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Little by Little - Harvey Danger

I have had a few weeks now to get to know the new Harvey Danger record intimately and I love it!
I am really looking forward to seeing them live in support of this record. (Nov 18th is the next Seattle show) If you chose to take advantage of the free download and not buy the CD you are totally missing out! My most favorite song on this record, the one that gets the repeat button the most and has become one of my top ten favorite songs for 2005 is not on the free download! You have got to dig deep and buy the disc for this one.
It is a song called Cold Snap. I love it because it sounds so different than everything they have done in the past, it shows Sean's range to a point where I didn't even recognize it was him the first time it came on. It has a totally sexy vibe to it that just gets under your skin. I love it, love it, love it. So go out and buy it, you will love it too!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

But now I sit when my new wife talks...

Things are going better than expected these days. I have been sticking very close to home and doing a little bit of work each day to get things closer to being "Holiday ready" whatever that is.
Laundry is scary on the weekdays as I found out last night. Now that we have moved into daylight savings, it is dark by the time I get home. Our laundry room is in the back of our building, you have to go outside and around back down these creepy stairs behind the dumpster. The room has these little cages that are storage areas that look more like a spooky torture chamber.
Let's just say, a girl with my imagination who's husband is away can really work herself into a serious case of the willies. I nearly killed myself running back up the stairs trying to rush back to light and safety. I may have to take a hiatus on finishing the laundry until the weekend when I can do it in the light. (Like most things laundry is also better with the lights on! Mragh!)

It has been insanely cold and I have not even started on making scarves this year. I have not been feeling inspired. I go through phases with my artistic adventures. Sometimes I am a painter, I am CRAZY about painting and producing pieces, one after another. I work very fast and they are actually pretty OK for what they are. I get all into it and get lost in it and then one day I am over it. It is like being possessed for short periods of time. That is the only way I can explain it. The same goes for music, writing, crafting, drawing, and pretty much anything else you can think of... I am truly a Jane of all trades master of none.

The only consistent thing about my brain is when I see new things, anything, my mind always asks the question "What could I turn that into?"

Monday, November 07, 2005

bring it baby!

I'm gonna shoot you!

This weekend...

I think I pretty much wore the same PJs all weekend and didn't leave the house once. I slept on the couch and Darian and I ate as if food did not have calories.

I did TONS of laundry, so last night we slept in clean yummy smelling sheets and this morning I had a whole new wardrobe to choose from when I got dressed. It is amazing how if you go without doing laundry for so long, it is almost like going shopping when you finally get around to it because you find clothes you forgot you owned.
Sadly- even after polishing off a roll of quarters and then some I still have laundry that needs to be done. Mostly blankets and towels are left, so I will be working on those throughout the week.

I also have some plans for switching some things around in my bedroom that I am quite looking forward to. I think it will give me the illusion of more space. Basically I am readying our little place for the upcoming holidays and all that entails with family and friends floating through the house.

I finally got a chance to have a conversation with Jon that lasted more than five minutes. That was nice. We ended up burning through two hours worth of phone cards. (Big thanks to his mom for providing the phone cards as a Halloween gift!)

Oddly enough after all of the family drama from last week, both my mother AND my father called me yesterday. I talk to my dad all of the time, but I rarely speak to my mom as she is super busy right now with her house and her work at the hospital. I think it is funny because I have always felt my parents have some strange intuitive thing that makes them always call me on the same day whenever something is going on in my life where I need to speak to them.
They actually shed some light on my feelings about the whole holiday situation for me. I guess when I was growing up the holidays were always very tense around my house because they always clashed on what the proper way to spend a holiday was. My whole "no pressure/loose go with the flow holiday" vision that I remember so fondly was apparently full of tense undercurrents.
My dad always thought holidays were a good time to go hunting with the boys, she always thought they were a time for family to all be together, in the end they were just a time that everyone painted on a smile and rushed through with very little pomp and circumstance. That must be why I seem so ambivalent when it comes to the holidays. I was taught from a time before I can even remember consciously to just put my head down and try to get through them as quickly and painlessly as humanly possible. That would explain why they make me so terribly uncomfortable as well.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bragging Rights...

Here is the lastest work by my ever so talented little girl.

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