Friday, November 11, 2005

Why Can't I be You?

It's payday!
So far I have:

1- Paid my student loan.

2- Bought sexy new knee high boots. They are vintage, brown leather and too cute! I LOVE them, I am wearing them right now and they fit perfectly. Now my boot collection is that much closer to being complete!

3- Ate some of the best tofu Phad Thai drowning in peanut sauce ever. Yum!

What I want to do:
1- I want to go see Pride and Prejudice so much! I LOVE Jane AustEn!

2- I also want to see Walk the Line because I love music related love stories especially ones that make me feel all squishy and remind me of the rock-n-roll love story that is my life. (Have I mentioned lately how much I miss that guy)

3- finish my laundry so I can quit writing laundry related posts. (I so want to make some sort of pun about not airing my dirty laundry publicly, but I am trying hard to refrain from this.)

Many strange dreams last night about furry footwear, ex-co-workers, girl cults and Croatia. I will let you use your imagination, because I certainly exercised mine with this dream. It would have confused David Lynch.



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