Tuesday, November 08, 2005

But now I sit when my new wife talks...

Things are going better than expected these days. I have been sticking very close to home and doing a little bit of work each day to get things closer to being "Holiday ready" whatever that is.
Laundry is scary on the weekdays as I found out last night. Now that we have moved into daylight savings, it is dark by the time I get home. Our laundry room is in the back of our building, you have to go outside and around back down these creepy stairs behind the dumpster. The room has these little cages that are storage areas that look more like a spooky torture chamber.
Let's just say, a girl with my imagination who's husband is away can really work herself into a serious case of the willies. I nearly killed myself running back up the stairs trying to rush back to light and safety. I may have to take a hiatus on finishing the laundry until the weekend when I can do it in the light. (Like most things laundry is also better with the lights on! Mragh!)

It has been insanely cold and I have not even started on making scarves this year. I have not been feeling inspired. I go through phases with my artistic adventures. Sometimes I am a painter, I am CRAZY about painting and producing pieces, one after another. I work very fast and they are actually pretty OK for what they are. I get all into it and get lost in it and then one day I am over it. It is like being possessed for short periods of time. That is the only way I can explain it. The same goes for music, writing, crafting, drawing, and pretty much anything else you can think of... I am truly a Jane of all trades master of none.

The only consistent thing about my brain is when I see new things, anything, my mind always asks the question "What could I turn that into?"


Shawn Anderson said...

Dark when I go to work... dark when I come home. It's the beginning of our annual 90-day prison sentence.

But I guess that's why there are so many great musicians and artists (and suicide attempts) in the NW... so much time indoors - got to make the best of it.

But hey, you've lived in Alaska!


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