Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'll be your fanclub baby!

Licia, Amie and I hit the Teenage Fanclub show last eve. I had drinks. Since I don't normally drink, any amount is too much for me, but I think I may have overdone it. I am still feeling a little wooozy this morning!
The show was pretty great, really crowded, but the band sounded good. We ended up watching the 2nd half of the show in the room next to the show room only because it was so stifling hot and there was really no place to stand. (Unless you wanted to be pressed up against strangers) Oddly enough the sound was fabulous from that room.
Since The Posies are going to be doing some shows with them later this year and they are old mates from back when we were on the list to get in. Jon made me promise to thank to tour manager after the show for setting it up. So after a wonderful pop music show, I went and found the tour manager and he asked if we would be interested in coming down and saying hello to the lads. We said, "But of course!"
We grab our Capillaries friend Michael as well since he had shown some interest in meeting them if the chance arrived.
We went down to the band room. the guys were all very sweet and gracious hosts. They made sure we were all set up with drinks and offered snack and so on. Michael and I spent a good amount of our time down in the band room bending Norman's ear. He was so sweet and super funny.
After a few hours of gabbing and drinking it was time to head off for those of us who had to work early in the morning and for the guys to hit the road as they have to be in CA for a show today!
All I can say is that they are top Notch guys, it was a pleasure hanging out with them and I look forward to maybe seeing them again later this year!

Oh and it is my birthday today.

Do a shout out!

The paper I work for has added a new Friends and Family section to their website. it is free to post shout outs to friends and Pet photos and so on. We have been encouraged to ask our friends to give it a try. If you have a moment and have a lover/friend/pet/fave band/shoe that you would like to give a shout out to, please swing by and do so! The more the better! (And hey! It is free!)

So Dooo iiit!

Thank you very much!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I've been having a love affair this week...

With this band called The Elected. Actually I am lovng this song in particular:

~Greetings In Braille~

If my senses fail, stay with me 'til they go
'cause I don't want to be alone.
Greetings in Braille, they'll describe everything,
colors aren't everything.
And if you see me down at the liquor store,
please don't tell my dad.
And if you see my dad down at the liquor store,
don't tell me anything at all.
And the people you brought
are just drainpipes bringing trash to the ground.
And the memories are just picture cards,
one night stands and breakdowns.
And you were cold, tired and old as you'd ever looked that night.
And we were warned, yeah.
We were warned not to stay out too late.
But some things were worth getting in trouble for.
So now that you finally failed
just like you said you would, down to the last detail.

Well, if living's such hell, here's to your dying days.
You won't have to be afraid.
And the heroes you met were just fiction,
yeah, with higher expectations.
And your friends grew up faster than you got successful,
told you to keep it up. Good comes to those who work.
And the stories they told you were true, babe.
Your mom really went crazy.
But that doesn't have to be you.
And I miss Tara and Melissa, Allen and John.
And you'll never have friends like you did when you were young.
But our bodies were pulled away and swept out to the sea
and I'd call and say hi if I thought you'd remember me.
cause some things are worth leaving old memories for.
If my senses fail, stay with me 'til they go
'cause I don't want to be alone.
Greetings in Braille, should describe everything
'cause you can't see anything from here.
From here, you can't see nothing at all.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

last days of new beginnings

So tomorrow is my last day of 30. No more 30. Starting Friday I will have to answer "31" when people ask me how old I am.
I read somewhere once that when you die, no matter how old or young you are, you will always appear as 30 if you are ever a ghost. Now I know this is complete Bollocks, but it did make me have a major "What If?" moment. Of all of the ages I could appear to be for the rest of eternity it would so NOT be 30! I would probably have to say I would choose to be the latter half of 18 and beginning of 19. I wasted so much pretty on the louse I was with back then, but alas, had I not been with him, there would be no Darian, so I should just count my blessings.

My mom always says that you should not complain about getting older because it sure beats the alternative. I just thought by now I would know what I wanted to be when I grow up. So far I have concluded that I only really enjoy not working, playing with children and playing guitar. And no I do not want to be an elementary school music teacher! If the position of Rock n Roll Martha Stuart was open, I would be the first to apply!

Maybe I should just start a cult? I hear there is big money in that.

I am going to rock it with my girls at Teenage Fanclub tomorrow for a little early birthday celebration. The Posies are doing some touring with them later in the year so I was able to get the list hookup. Very cool indeed. Shows are so much better when you don't have to pay for them!

Oh and for the record My husband + large quantities of booze + a camera phone =
  • I have never been more attracted to him!
  • Monday, August 01, 2005

    Peanut RIP

    Peanut is dead. I came home and he was only a head. It was very very sad. Hopefully the next litter has more babies. We can't say we didn't try, it just was not meant to be this time.

    Sunday, July 31, 2005

    Baby Watch 2005...

    Since there was only one gerbil pup it's life expectancy is not too high. As soon as I posted I left to go to the pet store and buy some replacement milk and a teeeeeny bottle. I tried to suppliment the baby. He wanted only a few drops. Kodo didn't seem to care that I was messing with her baby, probably because I am always picking her up so she is used to my hands in the cage.
    So we are hoping that fate favours us and she can feed the baby enough to get him through the next few days. I read that if the baby lives that long it will be easier to suppliment feed him and he will live. We are calling him Peanut. I guess the first 24 hours are the hardest. Send little Peanut good vibes!

    Welcome Peanut! We have been waiting for you!

    I woke up early this morning but I laid in bed staring at the ceiling for at least two hours before I was finally motivated to move. The cats know when my eyes open. Maybe they have such heightened sense of hearing that they can hear my eyelids as they slam open. How they are in my face meowing within seconds of my reaching consciousness leads me to believe so. Or it is just the predictability of my natural body clock. I have been working the same shift for so many years, I can’t stay asleep past 9AM to save my life, unless of course I have stayed up drinking until 4AM and then maybe I will sleep until 10AM. It is stupid.
    I stared and they circled me like little hairy Piranha. They head butted me in the face, tried to burrow under my blankets, stuck their wet noses to the exposed skin parts of my body. They basically did their best to drive me out of bed and into the kitchen since I am the one with an opposable thumb.
    Maybe it is my birthday that is getting me down? It is only a few days away, and I am now officially out of the age bracket where you say, “Woohoo I’m turning _ today!” I think I may be entering the age bracket where I start lying about my age, but my little preteen looks like a teen daughter would never allow me to do so, and I refuse to be one of those, “Hey let’s pretend we are sisters!” kind of mom’s even though most days strangers ask if we are anyways. My darling daughter always says, “No, she my Mom!” and draws out the “O” in mom with a tone that can only say, You are an idiot!

    OMG! As I am writing this I just noticed some commotion in my gerbil cage! We have a baby! Yay! There is only one though, and what I am reading online is that it’s chances of survival are not so good because mom may not be able to make enough milk.  I guess only time will tell…
    We named the baby Peanut. I hope she can make it live!

    Wow, what a mood swing that was... I could go back and edit, but decided not to. It is more fun this way.

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