Thursday, January 25, 2018

LEGOLAND- the game!

My 5 year old son really loves Candyland and he really loves LEGOs! 

I came up with an idea to combine the two things and create 

It was actually really easy and doesn't take a lot of materials or crafting skills. I spent $15 total on all of the materials needed. 

I used felt and glue and large toddler Duplo block as my stamp to make the circles on the felt squares.  I used my Candyland board to get an idea of approx how many squares I needed and how many color choices should be.  

I cut the squares and then laid them out on the felt until they were perfect and then I glues them all in place!  

I used some felt sticky stars I had laying around to embellish and the felt letters were also pre-cut and peel and stick.  I large bag of those cost $2 at the craft store. 

Pro Tip: I found that cutting with a razor and a straight edge made a much nicer cut in the felt squares than using scissors.

Then I created the rules! Here is a printable PDF of the rules for you to download.  I used color pencil to color in the block colors to match my felt squares. It gave the instructions a more DIY look as well. 

I've made two so far and have enough felt leftover to start on the third one.  My kids love playing it!  They especially love that they get to play as their favorite LEGO guy! 


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