Sunday, September 30, 2007

You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Last night Jon played the song Blackbird for me after hearing how touched I was when he played it at the radio8ball show. I managed to get a bit on video before some woman walked in the way of the camera. It is just beautiful. I almost teared up again:

And then I found these gems on my camera.

Tha Flaming Lips:

The Ditty Bops:

and more Sean Nelson from last night's show:

And so I'm writing with the hope that someone's reading...

For Jon's birthday we got Jon (and the whole family, really) This awesome little instrument. It is something we have been wanting for a while and decided to just do it. Next week Darian will start taking piano lessons. The cool thing about this is that she can practice using headphones so as to not disturb the neighborhood. It has a beautiful sound and weighted keys. We all love it.

Then at last eve's show our friend, Sean Nelson, played a Posies song in honor of Jon's birthday. It was very sweet. Jon even jumped up on stage in the end. What a sweet gesture. I'm so happy I got it on video!

And then we met with Jon's family for a birthday brunch this morning. They surprised me with a gift card for my birthday that just passed. After brunch we went over to the book store and I picked up two autographed copies of books that I have been wanting for some time now:


I'm really excited to read them. Alan Alda is in my top 5 list of people I would love to meet someday.

Now, I'm off to sticking my nose in a book. I hope you all had a wonderful and fulfilling weekend!

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