Saturday, February 03, 2007

Life. Is. Good.

1st- I got to see Amie today which always makes for a good day.

2nd- I was on the bus with my girl and she turned to me out of the blue and said, "Mom, out of the two Elvis', I think Costello is way better than the other guy." I had to text several people right away. I told her I could not be more proud and that my job is done. There is nothing more to teach her.
To which she replied, "Mom, you are so weird."

3rd- On a whim, in the mall, I decided to try on jeans. This is something I normally hate with a burning passion so I just don't do it. Not only did I buy jeans that were two sizes smaller than the last time I went shopping, but they look great! I almost fainted. I was so excited that I changed into them right then and wore them for the rest of the day! Hooray for making healthy lifestyle changes and having them finally pay off!

4th- Darian and I are still on our personal mission to see every romantic comedy that comes out in 2007. We are hoping to see one every weekend. The last few have been sorta hrmph, but today's was a very pleasant surprise. We saw "Because I said so." (I can almost hear a few of you groaning. Don't worry, Jon already groaned at me for it, but she is 12 people, come on! It is better than some of the cartoons I've had to sit through!) It actually had some pretty charming and funny moments. It is worth a rent when you are feeling girly.

5th- I found a really interesting looking book at the book store, I'm going to read it tonight.

6th- There will be an acoustic Posies show in Seattle on May 11th. Details to come. I finally got permission to mention it!

Life is good.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let me tell you about the time my heart stopped.

My daughter and I have a few routines that we enjoy. One of them is our weekend movie/bookstore routine.
Every few weeks she and I will go see a movie together and after the movie we will go to the book store. She is an avid reader so she tears through books really fast. She already has a pretty impressive bookcase in her bedroom for being as young as she is.
Generally how it goes is; we go into the bookstore of our choice that day, she goes to the section with the books she likes to read and I go over to the section with the books I like to read. I usually already have in mind exactly what I am going to pick up, so it doesn't take me very long to decide. She likes to flip through each book and read the backs, or open it up and read a few pages in the middle to see if it is what she wants.
Most of the time these book stores will have some form of a coffee cart or a cafe so I will go over and buy my Latte and her Chai and will meet her back by her books to tell her that time is up and we need to go pay. (If I didn't do this, she would be looking all day.)
On this particular trip I went and purchased our drinks and meandered back over to where she is always standing and she was GONE!
I didn't panic right away. At first I said her name and peeked around the high bookcases. I said her name again a little louder this time running a full circle around them. Then I saw a man briskly walking out of the store who I remembered seeing looking in the same section as she was when I left her there, I also noticed an emergency exit to the store right next to the shelves that I had not ever noticed before.
At this point my imagination has imagined this man having something to do with why I can't find her. In my mind he had shoved her out the emergency door to a waiting villain in a windowless van and was rushing to meet them out back.
At this point I start shouting her name really loud, I feel like I am going to throw up and I am just about to go running after this man when I hear, "Mom! I'm right here! Gaawwwd! You don't have to shout!"
And there she was, standing right in front of me looking both seriously annoyed with me and pretty embarrassed. The most beautiful person I have ever seen, all pissed off and everything.
It took me every ounce of strength to not throwm my arms around her and burst into tears right then. The adrenaline rush had already started, so I felt almost the same as I did the last time I was the passenger in a major auto accident where no one was hurt. We had to sit down for about five minutes so I could regain my composure.
It turns out she already knew what she was going to get, so this time she decided to go find me. The bookcases are really high so we passed each other on opposite sides and didn't know.

So, this time it was OK. This time she was safe and I was just an overreacting mother, and I am OK with that.
It ended up being a good thing though, because it made us revisit the topic of stranger danger and why you should always keep your cellphone on and charged and "What to do if..."

That was the longest couple of minutes of my life.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Since my mom did it...

This is a quiz my mom took. I decided to take it too so I would have something to post. :-)
You Are An ENFP

The Inspirer

You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.
You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.
You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!

You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

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