Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wow! There are not words....

I woke up to find this information in the news this morning. So far from what friends have told me this happned about 6 blocks up the street from me. God I hope I don't know any of these people. My heart goes out to their families.

From Seattle PI:
Saturday, March 25, 2006 · Last updated 10:07 a.m. PT
Seven people dead in Seattle shooting

SEATTLE -- Six young people were shot death early Saturday in a home and the alleged gunman committed suicide when confronted by police outside, authorities said.

Three other victims were taken from the Capitol Hill neighborhood east of downtown to a Seattle hospital for treatment, said police spokesman Rich Pruitt. Two of the three injured have critical injuries, he said.

"It's one of the largest crime scenes the city has ever had," said Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske.

He said an officer in the neighborhood heard shots fired at just after 7 a.m. When Officer Steve Leonard arrived on the scene he found one person staggering out of the house with a gunshot wound.

The officer confronted another man with a shot gun, told him several times to put the weapon down, and then the man turned the shotgun on himself and fired a fatal shot, Kerlikowske said.

Police believe the shooting happened at a party in a rental home and the dead are all in their early 20s. They do not believe the gunman lives in the area.
Saturday, March 25, 2006 · Last updated 10:07 a.m. PT

Friday, March 24, 2006

a pillowman in garden state

Pillowman was by far the best play I have seen in Seattle. It was dark, creepy and the writing was stellar! I was so caught up in it I almost forgot I was watching a play. I think I might go see it one more time while it is in Seattle. I am encouraging all of my friends to go see it so I can talk to them about it. I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

In other news my gerbils have created their own little clan and soon will take over the apartment. We have four babies that have been old enough to give away for about a week now, but I'm having a hard time letting them go. Now we also have three more little pink babies that were born five days ago.
And yes, the movie Garden State has been mentioned more than several times to me thankyouverymuch.

Oh and another new song to record this weekend, here are the lyrics:

I want to write a book about you
and all of the things you did to make me angry
or crazy
or to hurt me

Then I want to turn it on its side and look at it from a different perspective
a new point of view
over you

I want to tell you that I know
all about it
what you said to her
how you called her out.
When you didn't think I was looking.
I'm always listening
and your whispers are more like shouting
when I'm standing too close not to hear.

I want to take a picture of the moment they come
to take you away,
the look on your face.
The shock of leaving this place
still lingering there.
Hanging like that faded old Poloroid
in the broken frame
that didn't quite fit.

You would think we would've taken the hint.
It's just like us
always the wrong size.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

You are the party that makes me feel my age

Tonight I am going to see Pillowman. I'm super excited as it has been getting pretty awesome previews.
It's opening night so that makes it extra fun. There's always a certain underlying vibe of pure excited energy at the opening night of any production.
I love getting all dressed in the perfect little black cocktail dress, doing my hair in a knot and wearing pearls to the theatre. It reminds me of playing dress up when I was a little girl. I think playing dress up is the closest I will ever get to really being a "grown up" and that is just fine by me.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Astrology calls me a Lion born in the Year of the Tiger.

Maybe that would mean something if I believed in astrology.

Have you ever pet a cat and it was all happy and purring and then for no other reason than to just do it, you start to pet the cat backwards and it's mood changes damn near instantly?
If you know what I am talking about, you have a pretty good idea of what kind of mood I am in right now.
I am the cat that has been pet backwards.

I feel like being petulant. I think "Because I said so! Neener, nanner, nooner!" should be a perfectly acceptable answer to people when they ask me stupid questions today.

It is Tuesday. Let the games begin.

a little lost DJL action:
It's hard to look up
when you live on the down side most of the time
and timing is never right when you look for what's wrong
with everything
my hands are not clean
but yours never were either
you've always been better at hiding those kinds of things
than me
and my dirty hands

Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Buzzcity Talking

Things that are better than talking:

Slow dancing. I am a true believer in slow dancing. Always have been. Especially the impromptu kind where the music is in your heart and head.

Kissing. A much better use for mouths, always.

Writing. It is like talking but you get the opportunity to think before you express yourself and avoid saying stupid things that you will later regret.

Hugging. Like an abbreviated slow dance and can be more intimate than a kiss depending on how it is done.

Singing/Poetry. Write a song that says everything you ever wanted to say but never could. One of the few genres where you can tell all of your secrets to the whole world and people will just assume they are pretty lies in the name of art.

Make a mix tape. Every song tells a story.

Movies. We are raising a world full of voyeurs. Sometimes it is easier to watch life than it is to participate.

Making lists. Best way to organize thoughts and quiet the static.

Daydreaming. My favorite escape.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hard to Hold

So it is almost 5AM and I am still awake. I had a wonderful day hanging out with Nenu. We went shopping for shoes, I came home with everything but shoes. I don't know who is hiding all of the cute shoes in Seattle, but they are doing a good job of keeping them hidden. Everything was either far too ugly or they looked like some sort of strange torture device. No thanks.

Later I came home and invited Jon to come out and have a drink with Nenu and I since they have not spent a proper amount of time together ever really. She and I spend a lot of time together when he is out of town and his trips home have not exceeded 3 weeks since last July so when he is home I usually just hang out with him. Since he is actually going to be home a little longer than 3 weeks this time I thought maybe we should all go out together. Well, that did not go so well.
We ended up stopping at a new place on the hill long enough to get one drink and he wanted to go meet with his bandmates. We dropped him off and headed up the hill. Nenu and I hung out and chatted at our place and played on the computer until Jon came home around 1AM and she headed home.
Seems Jon had a pretty good time out as he looked really tipsy.
The night took a really strange turn which led to some really silly bickering. In the midst of it all I was getting ready for bed and took my drugs that I take before bed to fix the fact that I'm insulin resistant.
The moment I swallowed them I remembered something that I didn't before I swallowed them because I was too distracted by the inane bickering. I ALREADY TOOK THEM AN HOUR BEFORE! Shit.
So now my blood sugar is all crazy, which is making me feel just oogy. It isn't dangerous unless I do it all of the time, but it sucks for many reasons. One being the fact that I have chills and I feel like I'm freezing. I'm thirsty but I can't get enough water to drink and I'm amped in a way that I feel like I drank a pot of coffee and I can't sleep. Sucks.

I am sitting here watching a really epic commercial hosted by Rick Springfield (My big 4th grade crush) for a collection called Songs of the 80's. I feel like I am reliving my childhood in sound bites.

I'm sure when I finally crash tomorrow I am going to feel like uber crap. I am also sure that there is no way Jon will be in any shape to go into the studio which is a major bummer because I have been looking forward to it all week. Part of me is hoping that he will shake it off and somehow still be ready to record in a few hours. I have a feeling I will still be awake.

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