Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Astrology calls me a Lion born in the Year of the Tiger.

Maybe that would mean something if I believed in astrology.

Have you ever pet a cat and it was all happy and purring and then for no other reason than to just do it, you start to pet the cat backwards and it's mood changes damn near instantly?
If you know what I am talking about, you have a pretty good idea of what kind of mood I am in right now.
I am the cat that has been pet backwards.

I feel like being petulant. I think "Because I said so! Neener, nanner, nooner!" should be a perfectly acceptable answer to people when they ask me stupid questions today.

It is Tuesday. Let the games begin.

a little lost DJL action:
It's hard to look up
when you live on the down side most of the time
and timing is never right when you look for what's wrong
with everything
my hands are not clean
but yours never were either
you've always been better at hiding those kinds of things
than me
and my dirty hands


KPT said...

Michelle, I'm a blog-surfer who has enjoyed your blog for a few weeks now. I've even added it to my favorites. I don't usually comment, just read and enjoy, but I thought since I mentioned your blog in my own that it might be fair to tell you where my blog is so you can read what I wrote about yours: http://thebronzedragon.blogspot.com

Mira Manga said...

O lord I sense a storm brewing, now where's my parapluie?!

Anonymous said...

could this make you a liger - a mythic creature that revolts when pet backwards? hang in there. it's only the second day of spring, which leaves ample time yet to get REALLY crazy [hopefully in better ways ;)]

Earl said...

aw Michelle, I know how you feel. At least it's Hump Day! Hope you feel better today. :-)


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