Saturday, November 18, 2006

I wish!

So I did one of those celeb face things everyone else is doing. (If everyone else jumped off a bridge...) I will admit I am only posting it because I didn't get anyone too objectionable. I also didn't get any men on mine, which is good. I also didn't get any of the people that people are always telling me I look "Just like"
So here is the silly thing:

Friday, November 17, 2006


Just wanted to note that today marks two years working at The Stranger.



Where does the time go?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Proud Mommy

Parent teacher conference day was today.

The teacher gave her all A's. She said that she doesn't have any concerns, no red flags to worry about.
D is a model student and the teacher thinks she should start college courses as soon as she gets into High School. She said D is one of her strongest students and a joy to have in her class.

That's right, she's brilliant.

Snoopy dance.... Hammer time! Uh uh!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thrifting: A book with no words

I love going to thrift stores. There is a huge one downstairs from my office and a smaller one across the street so I spend many a lunch hour wandering the isles.
My fascination with thrift stores runs a little deeper than just the fantastic deals you find. It is a given that thrift shopping is like treasure hunting. When you find that perfect something for next to nothing it is a total rush.
For me, thrift stores are like reading a book without words. They fuel my imagination and take me on mini mental vacations every time I spend some alone time in one. A lot of people who thrift don't think about the fact that a lot of the things in those places are from people who are no longer alive. The things that are on the shelves, for some, are the only thing left in the world that belonged to them.
I know, they are just things right? But how many of us are totally attached to our things? How many of you have a most favorite shirt or perfect skinny jeans or favorite cozy sweater? These things mean a lot to us. They are our comfort belongings.
I'm sure when my time comes my diamond bracelet, earrings, and wedding rings will go to my daughter. But my favorite outfit would probably mean very little to my loved ones after I am gone and would more than likely end up being donated to a thrift store. They would have no way of knowing how much happiness these small comfort objects gave me.
So when I am perusing the isles of a thrift store I am thinking up stories of the people behind the things. When I find a gorgeous vintage Gucci bag valued at $500 marked with a $10 price tag sitting in a pile of Target duffel bags I think of the woman who owned it and probably cherished it. How she lovingly took care of it and that is why it is still in such great shape after all of these years. How she only used it on her most special occasions. I think about how she might have died. Was she young, was she old, was she alone? I think about the person who dropped it off at the store. Was it a daughter, a friend, a widower, or the people who run the rest home?
I see the wall of wigs and wonder about the women who used to wear them. These are not just Halloween wigs, these are wigs that were expensive and well taken care of. Was it a Cancer patient, an older lady facing hair loss, a trans-gender man? I look at the many empty Oxygen tank trollies lined up in the back of the store and wonder about how many years the owner smoked before they drown inside of themselves. When I come across a piece of clothing that reeks of cigarette smoke I wonder if it belonged to someone who belonged to one of those tank trollies.
When I see loads of brand new baby clothes with tags still attached I wonder about the family who maybe never got to bring a baby home they had been so excited about. I wonder if they donated all of the clothes because they were too painful to keep around.
I find comfort in the knowledge that someday, after I am long gone from this world, maybe someone will still be walking around in my favorite shoes.

My bets are on blue...

My big brother is becoming a father. This will be his first child. (He obviously didn't start as early as I did with the whole baby having thing) Congrats to Brandon and his wife Laura!
For the record, I've decided they are having a boy. I figure I've got a 50/50 chance of being correct!

And here is another one....

This was 120 minutes on MTV back when they still played music on MTV. Also around the time I met Jon (Has it really been 11 years already? Madness!)
They are so cute because they are such a ball of nerves. Oh youth!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dream all Day...

Someone uploaded this video to Youtube and I just came across it tonight. I forgot how funny it was. All of the smoke and hair.
(For my relatives who read this and have never met him, my hubby is the one singing lead on this song) Oh the days of yor when Seattle was all about hair and Doc Martins.

OMG- gotta love Youtube. No sooner did I post this when I found this one too:

I Heart Gadgets!

Along with my dream camera I have added this nifty little doodad to my wish list.
Gorillapod, a small, flexible tripod tool that can attach itself to just about anything. What a great idea!

More here:

Monday, November 13, 2006

I could not resist! Seattle: Cat Adoption Nov 18th

I saw this as ad of the day on the Stranger website and had to repost it. If you are thinking about adding to your family please head over to this event! I may go just to see all of the little furry faces! (Although I do tend to get new pets every time Jon goes on tour.)

Cat Adoption in Meadowbrook Community Center Nov. 18th
Join us as the Seattle Animal Shelter hosts an off-site cat adoptation at the Meadowbrook Community Center. There will be many cats and kittens of different breeds available for adoption from noon to 3 pm. Adoption fees range from $82 to $87 (payable by check or cash).

Saturday, November 18th
Noon to 3pm

Meadowbrook Community Center
10517 35th Ave NE 98125 (Lake City)

Phone: 206 – 386 - PETS

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The most wonderful time of the year...

Satsumas = Mouthgasm

I damn near did a little dance when I saw the boxes stacked in the store this weekend.

And other things that remind me of this time of year: This Red House Painters song just came up on my iTunes.
(This song tends to turn up on a lot of my Fall/Winter mixes)

Song: Have You Forgotten
-Red house Painters

I can't let you be, cause your beauty won't allow me
wrapped in white sheets,
like an angel from a bedtime story
and shut out what they say,
cause your friends are fucked up anyway
and when they come around,
somehow they feel up and you feel down.

When we were kids, we hated things our parents did
we listened low to Casey Kasem's radio show
that's when friends were nice,
to think of them just makes you feel nice
the smell of grass in spring
and October leaves cover everything.

Have you forgotten how to love yourself? [x2]

I can't believe all the good things that you do for me
sat back in a chair like a princess from a faraway place
nobody's nice, when you're older your heart turns to ice
and shut out what they say;
they're too dumb to mean it anyway

When we were kids, we hated things our sisters did
backyard summer pools and Christmases were beautiful
and the sentiment of coloured mirrored ornaments
and the open drapes
look out on frozen farmhouse landscapes

Have you forgotten how to love yourself?

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