Monday, November 13, 2006

I could not resist! Seattle: Cat Adoption Nov 18th

I saw this as ad of the day on the Stranger website and had to repost it. If you are thinking about adding to your family please head over to this event! I may go just to see all of the little furry faces! (Although I do tend to get new pets every time Jon goes on tour.)

Cat Adoption in Meadowbrook Community Center Nov. 18th
Join us as the Seattle Animal Shelter hosts an off-site cat adoptation at the Meadowbrook Community Center. There will be many cats and kittens of different breeds available for adoption from noon to 3 pm. Adoption fees range from $82 to $87 (payable by check or cash).

Saturday, November 18th
Noon to 3pm

Meadowbrook Community Center
10517 35th Ave NE 98125 (Lake City)

Phone: 206 – 386 - PETS


Lei Lei said...

Congrats on your new little niece or nephew-to-be! Yeah! Are you done having kids? My hubby wants one more-course he's only got 1 but another would make 5 for me!!

Michelle Auer said...

I would have one more via adoption. It has always been my dream to adopt at least one child. My husband is happy with the one we have, so unless something drastically changes in the world chances are I will be a one child mama.

5 is ambitous! But you have a huge house and lots of family close by, so you are totally set up for it!


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