Saturday, April 29, 2006

You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead...

I have to break it down in parts or else I will never get it right.

Part 1:
Mira came to visit from London by way of LA. She is awesome and fit right in like a long lost sister. I have no idea what we will do without her now that she is gone. We had an amazing time wandering around Seattle, shopping, sleeping in bunk beds, recording background lalalala’s on radio station IDs, and going to rock shows. What a good time. I look forward to going to London someday and having Mira show me her city.

Part 2:
Jon had his record release party and it was truly amazing. He seemed really pleased with how it went. I took loads of photos and video. At some point I will get this video thing to work for me and will be able to post them.

Part 3:
There was an underlying sadness during the week, but I had to keep it to myself until the timing was right. I spoke to the vet early in the morning on Thursday. He told me that our beloved Gala kitty has Cancer and there is nothing they can do for her. They told me that we can just keep her comfortable and give her TLC until we think the time is right to do the humane thing and put her to sleep.
Of course this news came on the morning of Jon’s release show and radio show and so on so I knew I could not tell him. I made the vet promise not to talk to him until I could later that night. I wanted his day to be happy and perfect since he had worked so long for this, and it was. I managed to keep it together and hold off telling him until after the day was over and we were back at home.
We are all very sad about the news. Right now she is in good spirits and we're taking good care of her. We know what we have to do, but it isn’t easy. We're just praying that she stays with us for a long time, but we know that she is on borrowed time. When it seems like she is hurting, we will do right by her.
It's hard knowing what is coming. She spent the last two nights sleeping on my pillow next to my head and purring, for someone so small and sick, she seems so happy right now. Life can be so cruel.

Part 4:
I rented a car and drove with Holly and Jeannine to Portland last night to surprise Jon while he was playing his show. The look on his face when we walked in was worth every minute of the 6 hours of driving I did yesterday!

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