Thursday, October 05, 2006

October is a month for music

I wrote a new song for a dear friend of mine. I wish I could help her with what she is going through, but I can't.
This is something she has to go through herself.

Here are the lyrics to the new song:

You can kiss me
just don't talk to me.

I've got nothing left to give.

You can hold me,
just not control me.

I can't even control myself.

Don't contend with the man who has less to lose than you.
Don't pretend that you can be anything less than true.
Don't hold out hope when the nights are always cold.
Don't hang onto something that makes you feel so old.

Wanting is more than having,
it fills up the empty space.
When the other side of the bed
is a million miles away.

I care not for signs
when the symbols have all gone cold.

Don't hang onto something that makes you feel so old.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October Mix

The Soundtrack

1- I'll Follow You Into the Dark 3:11 Death Cab For Cutie Plans
2- We Both Go Down Together 3:04 The Decemberists
3- Its Gonna Be Alright 3:30 Pricilla Ahn
4- You Are What You Love 2:52 Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
5- Motel Blues 3:03 Big Star
6- If You Leave 4:57 Nada Surf
7- Pushover 2:37 The Long Winters
8- Don't Blow It 4:10 The Elected
9- Farming it out 1:25 Mary Lou Lord
10- Always See Your Face 3:21 Love
11- Hearts And Bones 5:38 Paul Simon
12- Fade Into You 4:55 Mazzy Star
13- Powder Keg 3:41 Pete Krebs
14- Guess It May 4:11 Rosie Thomas
15- Leave Me Be (Zombies Cover) 2:18 Posies
16- Fidelity 3:47 Regina Spektor
17- Lullaby 5:30 Pricilla Ahn
18- Oceans Cracked 2:52 Tubetop
19- Various Stages 4:11 Great Lake Swimmers
20- Overs (Live) 2:25 Simon & Garfunkel

Sunday, October 01, 2006


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