Saturday, August 04, 2007


Today is my birthday. Bree and I kicked it off last night at the stroke of midnight at this magical place called Manray, or as I have dubbed it "The happiest place on earth"
She and I went to see some poetry and then she suggested we go there to ring in my new year. It was completely different than my usual rock clubs, but I found it to be refreshing and fun and everybody was so nice (and so beautiful!).
The DJ even announced my birthday and played songs for me.
In a lot of ways it reminded me of a place we used to go to in Alaska when I was still a teen, so it gave a shot in the arm of that youthful feeling.
Tonight I'm celebrating with several more of my lovely friends. I'm a very lucky girl as I have the greatest friends ever. I feel very loved.
What more could one ask for on their birthday?

Monday, July 30, 2007

July's mixed CD (Before the month is over)

This mixed CD was not so much made up of my favorite songs by these artists, but by the songs that I can "see" when I hear them. As in, they start playing and I can almost see the scene in the movie they would be accompanying.

(Bonus points if you know which movies the ones that have already been in movies were in.)

You Should Be In Pictures

A Hazy Shade of Winter- Simon & Garfunkel
How Soon is Now? - The Smiths
I Want You- Elvis Costello
Want to be Bad- Tegan & Sara
Oceans Cracked- TubeTop
Make Good Choices- The Vernacular
Freeze the Saints- Stephen Malkmus
Think (Let Tomorrow Be) - Sebadoh
Do I Move You- Nina Simone
Sell All My Things- Rosie Thomas
I Finally Found a Jungle I Like- The Posies
Cemetery Song- Jon Auer
Méchant Pétard- Plastic Bertrand
Regret- New Order
Sick Of Myself- Matthew Sweet
Ultimatum (Live)- The Long Winters
Step Back- Letters To Cleo
Honey And The Moon- Joseph Arthur
You Are What You Love- Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
Baby's Coming Back To Me- Jarvis Cocker
Plainclothes Man- Heatmiser
Learn to Live With What You Are- Ben Folds
Various Stages- Great Lake Swimmers
I Won't Dance- Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
Mental- Eels
We Both Go Down Together- The Decemberists
Car- Built to Spill
Starz- Broadcast Debut
Lady Sweet- Big Star
Dumb It Down- Bell
Crowds- Bauhaus
Runaround- Arlo

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