Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is the sound of me aging quickly...

Mom "So how was your first day?"
Kid "I made a new friend!"
Mom "Really! What is your new friend's name?"
Kid "His name is Mac!"
Mom "Let me guess, Mac is the super cute mini hipster boy with the dyed black hair right?"
Kid "Yeah! How did you know?"

Wow, she is more like me than I would have guessed!
Apparantly they hung out all day and had lunch together. She said she thinks he is cool because he likes all of the same comics as she does.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The first day of school...

Wow, 5th grade. Already? Really? Crazy.

Where did the time go? Am I really that old? Are you really the same little baby girl that I used to kiss your toes and smell your hair and cuddle with like a little dolly? Yes you are but you are a young woman now. Wow. Again, crazy.
We went to the school this morning to drop the girls off for the first day. I went to Darian's class and hung out for a while. Once again I was the youngest mom and the kids were much easier to talk to than the grown ups, but there is no surprise there. That always happens.

Her class this year is 6th, 7th and 8th. She is the only 5th grader but she looks as old as the oldest kids. It works well because she doesn't stand out as much in this group and I think that makes her feel less awkward. We walked by a 4-5 class and she commented on how all of the kids are barely as tall as her shoulder. This new class they are all the same size. She likes that.

As we walked through the hall several kids stopped to tell me I had really cool hair. Darian kept doing that whole, "That's my mom!" thing that she does. She is proud of me. Awwww! But when I tried to hug her goodbye in front of her friends she gave me the stink eye. Oh well, I guess we don't do that in 5th grade. Oops! I know better now.

It was kind of interesting for me to see the little boys this year. This is the first class she has been in where it feels like the boys took as much time getting ready this morning as the girls did. They had little Hot Topic outfits and dyed black hair. Seriously, mini hipsters! It was totally cracking me up!
But don't judge a book by its cover, they open their mouths and they are the same sweet adorable kids as last year, they are just mimicking the clothing style of their favorite bands. Their first love is still Manga and Pop Rock, so I am not worried.

Then there was the 8th grade girl who spent a lot of time pouting and posing and then glancing around to see if anyone noticed. She had her Anarchy patch pinned to the leg of her Banana Republic jeans and kept flipping her long straight hair while trying to look somewhat rebellious putting her feet on the chair and trying to participate in the opening "Introduce Yourself" song game as little as humanly possible. Oh yeah, her hormones have kicked in. No one missed how she lit up when the head to toe mini hipster boy walked in. She looked even less thrilled when he chose to sit next to my daughter. Uh-oh. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! It's a right of passage.

I am interested to see how this year shakes out. I am not afraid, my girl can hold her own, she knows how to deal with boys with crushes and with mean girls. No sweat! She was a little nervous but chatted easily with all of the kids as they came in the room. This will be a good year.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The little things...

The little things I forgot to mention from the last 10 days since my baby came and went.

1- Jon came home with an armful of adorable little trinkets from his travels all over the world including bracelets he bought on a beach in Italy which for some reason sounds so romantic to me. I am wearing them today. He also brought me several adorable magnets to add to my fridge gallery.

2- Jon mailed me beautiful post cards from all over the world. I love them, every one.

3- Had a sushi dinner with Jeannine and her new male friend who is just too adorable for words. We drank the Sake' that Sean brought back from Thailand as a Thank You gift for watching his crazy kitties last winter. We thought about calling Sean & his wife to invite them over and they showed up right after we were talking about him for something else. It was totally random and funny.

4- Participated in *Amie's Cha Cha birthday night which turned into a free Long Winters show at the Chop Suey and a large consumption in alcohol for me and many people telling me, "Wow! I don't know if I have ever seen you this drunk before!" oops. *I gave her a Kiwi with a pink bow tied around it as a gift :-) (inside joke)

5- Sitting backstage at Easy Street on the couch in the greenroom we were told that is the most people they ever had on that couch. Jon and Ken being the only boys on said couch. Go Figure!

6- Kelsea coming home from her summer away. Darian is so thrilled to have her back. She was our Bumbershoot guest. They both got all dressed up in their rock duds. It was super cute!

7- Darian got her first professional foil. Her hair looks so adorable. I got more red put in mine so it is all bright and happy again.

And that is all I can think of that I missed so far. I am sure there is more, but I just can't think of it right now.

Bumbershoot me!

This weekend was very magical for me in a lot of ways. Especially Sunday. We started Sunday off with a sigh of relief when we got the news that Alex was OK. The waiting was really hard. It allows for your imagination to run wild, while you are still trying to hold on to hope. I am so happy this slice of the horror story that has been NOLA these days had a happy ending.

Sunday Bumbershoot was crazy. It was pouring down rain by the time we got there. Jon dropped us off at the gate so I took the kids in the backstage tent and rode out the storm. This was the first Bumbershoot I went to where I never made it to the festival area. We were just praying the rain would stop by the time The Posies played and it did!
We watched the first few songs from the side of the stage and then we parked ourselves off to the back corner. From there we had an awesome view of the crowd. There were easily 2000-2500 people there. It was an amazing show, one of my top 5 favorites so far.
At one point Darian jumped up with her hands in the air and yelled, "Yay! That's my daddy!" So freaking cute!

My list of favorite Posies shows:
1- Anchorage AK at Gigs Oct 19 1995 (Where I met Jon and it was such a great show I actually hopped up on a speaker and danced all go-go style. The first and last time I have EVER done that! It was THAT inspiring! It was one of the last dates on their tour just before AD so they were well rehearsed.)
2- Bumbershoot 2005
3- The Farewell show at The Croc in 1998? They played for like 3 hours, it was amazing!
4- Neumos show in Seattle 2005. Great freaking show, it screamed "WE ARE BACK!"

Later that eve we went over to the Easy Street show which was also pretty inspiring. I think Amie said it best when she pointed out they mostly played different songs than BS so it was sort of like an extended Posies show in one day two venues.

This morning we said our goodbyes or as Jon put it, "It is not goodbye, it is see you later" and it is back to work.

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