Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bumbershoot me!

This weekend was very magical for me in a lot of ways. Especially Sunday. We started Sunday off with a sigh of relief when we got the news that Alex was OK. The waiting was really hard. It allows for your imagination to run wild, while you are still trying to hold on to hope. I am so happy this slice of the horror story that has been NOLA these days had a happy ending.

Sunday Bumbershoot was crazy. It was pouring down rain by the time we got there. Jon dropped us off at the gate so I took the kids in the backstage tent and rode out the storm. This was the first Bumbershoot I went to where I never made it to the festival area. We were just praying the rain would stop by the time The Posies played and it did!
We watched the first few songs from the side of the stage and then we parked ourselves off to the back corner. From there we had an awesome view of the crowd. There were easily 2000-2500 people there. It was an amazing show, one of my top 5 favorites so far.
At one point Darian jumped up with her hands in the air and yelled, "Yay! That's my daddy!" So freaking cute!

My list of favorite Posies shows:
1- Anchorage AK at Gigs Oct 19 1995 (Where I met Jon and it was such a great show I actually hopped up on a speaker and danced all go-go style. The first and last time I have EVER done that! It was THAT inspiring! It was one of the last dates on their tour just before AD so they were well rehearsed.)
2- Bumbershoot 2005
3- The Farewell show at The Croc in 1998? They played for like 3 hours, it was amazing!
4- Neumos show in Seattle 2005. Great freaking show, it screamed "WE ARE BACK!"

Later that eve we went over to the Easy Street show which was also pretty inspiring. I think Amie said it best when she pointed out they mostly played different songs than BS so it was sort of like an extended Posies show in one day two venues.

This morning we said our goodbyes or as Jon put it, "It is not goodbye, it is see you later" and it is back to work.



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