Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tsk! Tsk!

There was a funny wedding moment. Not funny as it happened, but "look back on it and laugh" kind of funny.
Every wedding has one of these moments. Ours was when we got the tuxes to the guys and they were completely the wrong size. Jon's tux was meant for a man about 3 feet taller and one foot wider than him and the kid's were way too small. My mother-in-law took a stapler and tailored his tux right on the spot. The kids looked like they were wearing knickers. Nobody was the wiser! Crisis averted.
At the wedding this weekend, the crisis was all on me, and nobody knew it happened until after, when it was fixed, and we could laugh.
Since I was doing the ceremony, I had a script all printed out and ready to go. It was typed in a nice large font so I could glance down and read it through the ceremony if I lost my place. It was laid out exactly how i wanted it to be.
I practiced the night before. I got up in the morning before everyone else and I went over to a local coffee place while I waited for Jon and Darian to wake up.
Jon called my cell and informed me that we moved over one room, but they got all of our stuff. No problem.
Well, about two hours before the wedding I went looking for the script and could not find it. I tore apart the room and the luggage.
I went to our last room and went through there. I asked the front desk if they had a printer I could use, they said they only had a copy machine. This was a VERY tiny boutique place, so they didn't have stuff like fancy computer systems. Our rooms had ACTUAL KEYS not key cards! (I know!!)
Just as I had given up and succumb to the fact that I was going to spend the next hour handwriting this ceremony on cards, there was a knock on the door. It was the lovely man from the front desk. He actually dug through the trash and found my file folder. Luckily they stuck it in the paper trash for recycle, so it was not damaged or smelly.
The day was saved!
It would have been fine either way, but it sure would be a lot harder for me to read my terrible handwriting under pressure in front of people than my fancy script was to read.


Now please enjoy this photo of a very sassy Licia showing us how to eat cake! YUM!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You may kiss the bride....

The reason we were on the beach all weekend is because our friend's Licia and Todd got married!! It was a beautiful wedding and a perfect weekend. I had the honor of performing the wedding ceremony thanks to the Internets making me a Reverend and all! I've never done it before but everyone said I did a great job.

There was one point where I looked up and saw how he was looking at her and I almost burst into tears right then and there! He had such a look of love on his face when he looked at his beautiful bride. It was so perfect. I managed to compose myself for the most part (I did have a voice crack here and there.) I was so proud to be included in the ceremony.

Congrats my dear friends! I am SO happy for you!

It is delicious and it gives you Zombie mouth!!

My lovely friend, Licia and I have a common love/lust for the deliciousness of Black Liquorice Ice Cream. We have bonded over it and searched far and wide throughout the greater Seattle area to find it.
We have a pact, if we ever find it, we will buy a lot and share. It is certainly an acquired taste, but once you are hypnotized by it's deliciousness, you crave it constantly. We have yet to find a place in Seattle where we can buy it.
I am considering trying to experiment with making it on my own, but I'v never had very good luck making Ice Cream, so if anyone has an easy recipe for it, let me know!
Licia told Jon of a place about about 7 miles from where we were staying on the beach this weekend. While Licia and I were floating on the beautiful lake catching rays, he went and purchased all they had left in the little ice cream shop and brought it home to us for my birthday treat! We were super happy and as a bonus it gave us Goth mouth!! Darian said we looked like something out of a Zombie movie after we ate a ton of the stuff.

MMMMMMM... Delicious AND fun!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

It's my birthday, I can swim if I want to.

OK, so I am still on the beach. I blew off Seattle, going back to work, etc. We were swimming all day yesterday and knew we would be very sad if we left, so I figured I'd treat myself to one more day (For the sake of my birthday of course!)
It has been a beautiful weekend.
It was a perfect wedding.
I will have loads to report tomorrow.
Right now I am officially one year older and the beach is calling me!

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