Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It is delicious and it gives you Zombie mouth!!

My lovely friend, Licia and I have a common love/lust for the deliciousness of Black Liquorice Ice Cream. We have bonded over it and searched far and wide throughout the greater Seattle area to find it.
We have a pact, if we ever find it, we will buy a lot and share. It is certainly an acquired taste, but once you are hypnotized by it's deliciousness, you crave it constantly. We have yet to find a place in Seattle where we can buy it.
I am considering trying to experiment with making it on my own, but I'v never had very good luck making Ice Cream, so if anyone has an easy recipe for it, let me know!
Licia told Jon of a place about about 7 miles from where we were staying on the beach this weekend. While Licia and I were floating on the beautiful lake catching rays, he went and purchased all they had left in the little ice cream shop and brought it home to us for my birthday treat! We were super happy and as a bonus it gave us Goth mouth!! Darian said we looked like something out of a Zombie movie after we ate a ton of the stuff.

MMMMMMM... Delicious AND fun!!


FreNeTic said...

I know Husky Deli in W. Seattle has a licorice ice cream, but I don't know if it is Black Licorice.

It's purple? It turns your tongue a funny color? I haven't actually had it in 25 years...I've developed an affinity for Pralines 'n Cream.

Michelle Auer said...

OMG! Really! I'm calling them RIGHT. NOW!

Martin said...

I googled it and found out that licorice ice cream are both Icelandic (what's in a name) and Dutch (apparently) treats. I could send you some of the recipes I found on Dutch sites if you'd like. Seems that the hard part is in getting hold of the licorice itself. Seems like a very very simple recipe.

BLP said...

I made an absinthe ice cream a while back that turned out absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to get a hold of some more absinthe so I can make more. My mouth is watering right now.

Amie said...

Ewwww. You guys can have it all! I do not dig on licorice, of any kind. :)

Michelle Auer said...

Thanks, The_peanut, for the offer of the recipe, but this place in West Seattle seems to have it! Licia and I totally have a date when she gets back! ;-)

Snotty McSnotterson said...

Your mothers must be so proud of this photo. Sounds yummy, except for the black licorice part. I'm trying to like it since the Esq loves it, but I'm dubious.


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