Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You may kiss the bride....

The reason we were on the beach all weekend is because our friend's Licia and Todd got married!! It was a beautiful wedding and a perfect weekend. I had the honor of performing the wedding ceremony thanks to the Internets making me a Reverend and all! I've never done it before but everyone said I did a great job.

There was one point where I looked up and saw how he was looking at her and I almost burst into tears right then and there! He had such a look of love on his face when he looked at his beautiful bride. It was so perfect. I managed to compose myself for the most part (I did have a voice crack here and there.) I was so proud to be included in the ceremony.

Congrats my dear friends! I am SO happy for you!


Melodie said...

What a beautiful setting!! Glad you had a happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I bet it was a wonderful experience for you and for them. Please pass on my congratulations to them both.


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