Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lost and found 47 years later...

Strange thing happened today. I went outside to move my car since it was parked in a two hour spot and the neighbor clued me in he saw the dreaded meter maids snooping in the hood.  There was a letter wedged into the top of the driver’s side door.  It was very intentionally left there for me.  I take the letter and look at the address.  It is addressed to someone in Renton, WA and it says Air Mail all over it.  It has the super thin paper like letters from Europe have sometimes.  The name on it is Mrs. H.S. Eastman.

I think to myself, “That’s weird, it must have been on the ground and someone thought it belonged to me.”

Being the overly curious little kitty cat that I am, I could not help but take a look at the letter since it was already opened after all.  I start to skim over it and realize it is a letter to “Grandma” from a woman who is thanking her for watching her kids while they are traveling.  Mentions having dinner with friends in New York, one of whom writes for Life Magazine!  Then she is going over all sorts of day to day family things and then mentions how Thanksgiving went for them.  I went back to the first page and realized it was dated “Nov. 28th” I thought, “Wow, this must have sat in someone’s car for a year!

I then read more and it says, “For Thanksgiving they went on a club tour and went to a place called the Copacabana (a dinner theatre) The Village Barn and The Hawaiian Room of the Lexington Hotel.  She writes, “They were all different and very interesting!”

I start thinking this sounds all too Rat Pack and decide to look at the post mark.  This letter was mailed November 29th 1958!! It was mailed via Air Mail with a 7 cent stamp from NYC!


Some interesting facts from the letter:

It was written on stationary from the Hotel Algonquin on 59 West 44th Street, New York 36, NY

Click here for the very interesting hotel history.


It mentions two of their friends they are hanging out with; Paul O’Neill apparently a writer for Life Magazine and Chuck Garrett also some kind of writer. (Both of whom I have found online)


It was signed by Hazel & Steve.


1958 means they missed Martin and Lewis by a couple of years, but after a little google investigation seems Peggy Lee was playing there at the time as well as Tony Bennet!


She ended the letter by saying they were on their way to DC next. 



Now what to do with this very fascinating piece of history?  Why was it stuck in my car?  Was it meant for me? What are the chances that "Grandma" is still alive?

Friday, November 18, 2005

Holy Satsuma Batman!

Those wee oranges that I LOVE LOVE LOVE are in season and on sale for $3 at QFC starting this week! It is one of the reasons I love this time of year. I am so happy!

The problem with dating musicians...

There are songs out there in the world that were written about me during times where I could have been described as a girl behaving badly. It was never intentional, I was just a victim of my own head/confusion. BUT, I was wrapped up in a relationship with one musician or another at the time and now there are these songs...
I think they are great songs, and some days I can listen to them without even blinking, but some days the guilt sets in. The cringe of knowing that you hurt someone and now that time will always live on in a song. It is like you can never run from your mistakes when they have been so eloquently recorded, you can't just throw them away.
The funny thing is there are more love songs than angry songs and the love songs sometimes have the same effect on me.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

One year down & it is still freezing in here!

Today is my one year anniversary at my job. It doesn't seem like I have been here for a full year, but I have. That means I have vacation time/sick days again! Thank goodness, because I was starting to loose my mind knowing no matter how sick I get I don't get to take a day off. My last illness following the NYC trip was dealt with by large consumption of Dayquill and Nyquill and forcing myself to make it through each day.
I have learned a lot in the last year. Less about advertising and more about people. I have always worked in positions where I deal with some part of the public on some level. This job has opened me to a different audience than the last job. The last job I spoke to a lot of retail buyers and sales people and snowboarders. This job I deal with a lot of apartment managers, musicians and a certain type of random Seattlite that I just can't categorize (unless I use the phrase bleeping crazy)
The office politics are also quite different here than any place I have ever worked. All I will say on a public forum is that I have seen a different type of office dynamic than I ever knew actually existed. It has had its ups and downs, but I finally feel like I figured out how to work with/in the dynamic. I just had to let go of every notion I had of working in an office from before and start from scratch. Not a bad thing, just different.

I've also learned that no matter where you work, large or small corporations, they will never get the office temp right and it will always be freezing in the office!

The only real let down was that I didn't move up to more vacation at one year like I thought I would. It turns out that that doesn't happen until two years. I guess I didn't read the fine print.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I wanna sleep with common people...

So last night they re-ran the episode of Friends where they were making their celebrity top 5 lists. (For those of you not in the know, that is 5 celebs you can sleep with when you are in a relationship without getting into trouble)

I recently came up with a variation of this list called "24 hour boys" (which Jeannine and I thought would also be a pretty fun band name) Basically it is a list of the top 5 boys you meet after you get in a relationship that you wish you could get a 24 hour free pass with. I would share my list, but then I would have to keeeeel you. So instead I will share my Celebrity top 5 as of today (I am fickle, it changes)

1- Julian McMahon
2- Robert Downey JR
3- Ralph Fiennes and/or Joseph Fiennes
4- Antonio Banderas
5- Angelina Jolie

Monday, November 14, 2005

My life in pictures.

I am married to photographs. I read message boards to try to “be there” to see it through other people’s eyes. We squeeze in a weeks worth of conversations into one hour phone calls on Sundays. I let go to hold on.
These are ways I try to keep it together while we are apart.

Sometimes it really sucks.

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