Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I wanna sleep with common people...

So last night they re-ran the episode of Friends where they were making their celebrity top 5 lists. (For those of you not in the know, that is 5 celebs you can sleep with when you are in a relationship without getting into trouble)

I recently came up with a variation of this list called "24 hour boys" (which Jeannine and I thought would also be a pretty fun band name) Basically it is a list of the top 5 boys you meet after you get in a relationship that you wish you could get a 24 hour free pass with. I would share my list, but then I would have to keeeeel you. So instead I will share my Celebrity top 5 as of today (I am fickle, it changes)

1- Julian McMahon
2- Robert Downey JR
3- Ralph Fiennes and/or Joseph Fiennes
4- Antonio Banderas
5- Angelina Jolie


Earl said...

you're not alone having Angelina on your list. I know several straight and lesbian women who have her on their lists. She is the only woman I can think of who has the same widespread affect on both genders and sexual orientations. Maybe Madonna in the 80s, but not to the same degree as Angelina.

My list:
1. Nicole Kidman
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Chelsea Clinton
4. The Bush twins
5. Jon Auer

me, myself and I said...

I can see where you're 'coming' (eeeew) from with Angelina.

Personally I've always had the hots for Gabrielle (from Xena Warrior Princess, not the bird with the eye-patch). She's so cute and she has a big stick.


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