Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi show….

It is official; I am a big wha wha mommy!

I just got home from the Puffy AmiYumi concert with my daughter and two of her friends. It was at The Showbox, which is a venue The Posies have played a zillion times as well as Big Star and about 50% of all of the other show I have seen in WA state. Every now and then they have an all ages shows early on Saturdays. My daughter is a huge fan and coerced me into taking her and her friends.

The show was actually pretty great. The lights, the energy, it was all pretty fantastic to tell the truth. Between songs Ami and Yumi had cards written out to help them with their English. They would read off of them little anecdotes about their tour in very broken English, it was precious. They ended the show with a really cool cover of that Greenday song that was so popular a few years back. It starts “Do you have the time, to listen to me whine…” Now that is a cover I would buy on a single. Adorable like kittens and bunnies!

So what do I do during all of this rocking out? About ten seconds into the first song, I look at my girl and her friends dancing and having a great times and look over the sea of kids their age and I get all teary eyed. It suddenly occurred to me that in a few short years it will be Darian and her friends going to this club to see shows. The torch is getting closer to being passed.
Where did the time go? It went so fast! My daughter is already double digits people, DOUBLE DIGITS!
I am so proud of her, she is everything I could ever wish for in a daughter and then some, but I am so dearly not ready for her to be a teenager and then an adult. I was crying at a Japanese pop show people! They sing cartoon songs!

One saving grace is that when I got home Ken called and we talked about little Aden coming to town soon. I get to play Auntie for her a couple of nights soon, so that will help me to put things in perspective. I am excited about seeing little Aden again. She is such a doll! I bet she is even close to walking soon! Her 1st birthday is coming up as well.

There is that time again, zooming on by…

Thursday, April 21, 2005

She has a lion's heart and a cat who ate the canary grin..

Is it the anticipation of taste
or is it my own lack of self control?

It is soul food,
bits of the unconscious
filling the





So chew on this awhile
while I chew on you.

Yet another weird dream last night...

I was in my Dad's old place in Alaska, the one he sold after the divorce but the biggest house I have ever lived in. It was beautiful. (I think in ways, I missed my house the most after the divorce.)
In this dream, I was sitting on the upper level deck enjoying the fresh air and one of my co-workers comes out and sits next to me. Now the funny thing about this is, I don't really know him that well. I think he was in this dream because he reminds me so much of someone i used to know in Alaska. Seems my sleeping brain just subbed him in there.

He asked me if I was going to the bizarre. I said, "Of course!"
My dad called us down to the driveway where he was sitting in the 1970's orange Chevy van with teardrop windows that we drove from Michigan to Alaska in 1982. After going over the Alkan, that van was never quite right again, but there it was all revved up and ready to go in my dream.

My co-worker and I get in the van and off to the "bizarre" we go.

And that it was...

We get to this place somewhere in what sort of looks like Anchorage. It is a cross between a Walmart and a flea market. We start walking around looking at booths when we get to one that looks a lot like pet store with loads of kennels. My co-worker says, "I have been meaning to get one of these" and he walks to the front of the gates.

When my eyes adjust I realize that there are small children in the kennels and not animals like I had suspected! Some of them were all friendly and looked like they wanted to play while others were curled up in the back corners staring out at us with big frightened cow eyes, just like puppies in a pound.

He goes on to explain how he had been working on some fundraising ideas to help bring money in to these pounds since they were run completely by donations. I see this one particular child and immediately fall in love.
I tell him "This is the one I want!" It was this adorable little Mexican girl with crazy curly brown hair. We opened the cage and she ran into my arms.

This is when my alarm went off.

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