Sunday, August 26, 2007

Freaky Sunday.

Or: Why we didn't get to see The Simpsons movie even though we bought tickets twice in one day.

Darian got back from Grandma's yesterday. SO GOOD to have her home. I missed her a lot. She got back early so we went to do phase one of getting ready for back to school. She got a haircut and we bought the first round of new shoes, clothes, and stuff for back to school.
Today, we went downtown to go to Sephora and buy some makeup with the gift card I got from Chris for my birthday (THANKS AGAIN CHRIS!) and then go see The Simpson's movie.
Well, we got to the movie and the time was wrong. We thought it started at 3:50 when it really started at 3:10, so we exchanged our tickets for the next show and went to Sephora.
When it was time to go back we headed into the building, and we were evacuated!! Turns out someone pulled a fire alarm or something. They said they will let people back in, in about 20 minutes. We decided to go over to the next mall and chill in the food court to wait it out.
While sitting in the food court, I started to notice a weird tickle in the back of my throat, I start to clear my throat, and both Jon & Darian say they feel like they have something in the back of their throats. We start to cough, and then we realize that EVERYONE sitting around us (About 30-50 people) all start coughing at the same time!
Then we see a small group of cops standing across the room with things covering their mouths and coughing.
I will tell you, in this day and age, when you are sitting in a food court and your throat starts feeling on fire and everyone around you starts coughing all in unison, it is enough to trigger a minor panic attack. People start clearing out fast, coughing and covering their mouths. We ask the cops, turns out someone opened a can of Mace or something like that in that part of the food court. Neat. Glad they informed us all!
So, we leave and head back to our theatre as the evacuation of THAT place was over and our movie was about to start.
WELL, when we get to the front they tell us that The Simpson's movie was the ONLY movie effected by the evacuations and was running about 20-30 minutes behind.
We all agreed right then, that today was NOT the day to be downtown. Too much weirdness and we were all feeling pretty sick from the gas in the other place.
So, we got our second refund of the day and came home.

I guess we will have to see The Simpson's movie another time.


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