Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why I am SO happy:

1- Jon gets home in 4 hours
2- Kodo just now gave birth to TWO gerbil babies! Yay! Since there are two there is a really good chance they will live! :-)

I am so happy!

Friday, August 26, 2005

But now I know I can't go back...

Severna Park just came up on my I-tunes and it is bringing back all of these silly memories from 1997. Those guys were so much fun to hang out with and their shows were always such a good time. That really was the end of a very magical time in music in this town. They were not the greatest band, but people and the shows were a lot of fun.

Growing up is the death of imagination. Even though I may look like an adult from time to time and even sound like one, never forget that I am really a tiger in sheep's clothing.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Do you hear that? I bet you can if you listen really hard.
That is the sound of me screaming in my head.
I am trying to stay awake.
I am trying to be patient.
Waiting for the clock.
Waiting for Saturday.
Waiting for my love to come home.
Waiting for kisses.

Waiting waiting waiting
I am so sick of waiting

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Adventures in Homemaking

I have been trying to renovate my bedroom before Jon gets home next weekend. I decided to paint my room purple and put up new blinds and get rid of a lot of the clothes I have collected over the years that I don't wear and get the closet all organized and thinned out. (Right now our closet is packed to the brim because I buy WAY too many clothes. There are things in there I probably have never even taken the tags off of.
So I start with the painting.
Our room is sort of a long rectangle. We have the bed up against the wall with the window and there is just enough room for use to walk up either side of it. It is such a weird shaped room, long and skinny. Jon doesn't like how bright it gets in the daytime as he works a lot of nights and tries to sleep in the daytime. I was hoping new blinds would help prevent him from hanging towels and other makeshift light blockers on my window since he didn't think the pannels I had hanging prevented enough light from coming in. Trust me there is nothing more ghetto looking than towels draped over your windows! I hate it!
I decided I would paint the wall around the window a dark purple with a high gloss finish and the other three walls a super light lavender color. This went OK until I realized I had to do a couple of layers of the high gloss to get it right and by that time I was blistered and tired so I got a little lazy and ended up getting a little on the ceiling Ugh! I bought some paint to correct that and it is looking totally fine now.
After I finished the painting on 3 of the four walls (I still have one light purple wall left to paint) I decided I hated our curtains and I was going to buy some of those pretty bamboo matchstick blinds to fix the lighting issue.
I brought them home last night. I could not locate my power drill anywhere so I had to manually remove the thing that was hanging our old blinds. This resulted in a lot of swearing and owies and these ugly little white squares in the purple paint that I will have to now touch up today. When I finally figure out that I was trying to hang the new blinds backwards, got them unraveled and got them up the right way I marked the wall and planted the brackets.
Did I mention my window is 8 feet long? Yeah, it is huge, I should not have been trying to hang these alone! So I get them up and guess what?!?! I hung them about 2 inches too far to the right so they did not cover 1 inch of the window! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So I measured again, removed all of the brackets moved them all over and FINALLY three hours later got them hung up and working! yay! Victory! Or was it?

Last night they looked amazing against the purple. They blocked everything out just right and everything. This morning.... This morning the inside of my room looked like I had nothing hanging on the window. They are about as sheer as the window itself! How did I miss that? I am now considering starting a small bon fire out front this eve when I get home.
Maybe that is why they are called "Matchstick" blinds?

Monday, August 22, 2005

To find some beautiful place to get lost....

This weekend was interesting to say the least. Some of it was a little too slow for where I was in my head and some of it was well... There were moments where I didn't feel married, 31, like someone's mother or anything else that makes me remember to act responsibly.
I was 18 again staying out until 5AM with my girlfriend talking to cute boys and drinking a weird mix of booze from Gatoraid bottles at a party where the cops showed up three times to tell us to quiet down. (My girl was gone for the weekend visiting her grandparents so I had a license to get into a little trouble. )
The only difference was that I am 31 and don't have that strange awkwardness around boys or strangers as I did when I was a kid. It is a combination of being older and wiser and being married so there is no pressure because I am not looking to date any of these people.
I would love to go into great detail about the weekend just so I had it all written down to remember but really it would be so much to write and my hands are sore from painting my bedroom purple yesterday. I have the biggest blisters ever on my right hand right now. So you will just have to be satisfied with this:

The moon was full and we were full of mischief. There is nothing better than having a partner in crime who is in the same mental place when you are feeling that way. Now hopefully we will be able to channel that energy into the band... That is right, I said The Band!

Stay tuned! ;-)

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