Thursday, August 25, 2005


Do you hear that? I bet you can if you listen really hard.
That is the sound of me screaming in my head.
I am trying to stay awake.
I am trying to be patient.
Waiting for the clock.
Waiting for Saturday.
Waiting for my love to come home.
Waiting for kisses.

Waiting waiting waiting
I am so sick of waiting


Sloop said...

Good luck waiting. I used to kill time by watching movies while eating Chinese take-out and guzzling wine when my wife was out of town.

Michelle Auer said...

That would be a good idea if he were only out of town for short periods of time, but since it is months at a time, I would be SO FAT by the time he got home if I did that! :-)
I just go out a lot and play wingman to all of my single friends. Oh and wreck things by trying to "redecorate" I am not the home improvement lady I thought I was!


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