Monday, August 22, 2005

To find some beautiful place to get lost....

This weekend was interesting to say the least. Some of it was a little too slow for where I was in my head and some of it was well... There were moments where I didn't feel married, 31, like someone's mother or anything else that makes me remember to act responsibly.
I was 18 again staying out until 5AM with my girlfriend talking to cute boys and drinking a weird mix of booze from Gatoraid bottles at a party where the cops showed up three times to tell us to quiet down. (My girl was gone for the weekend visiting her grandparents so I had a license to get into a little trouble. )
The only difference was that I am 31 and don't have that strange awkwardness around boys or strangers as I did when I was a kid. It is a combination of being older and wiser and being married so there is no pressure because I am not looking to date any of these people.
I would love to go into great detail about the weekend just so I had it all written down to remember but really it would be so much to write and my hands are sore from painting my bedroom purple yesterday. I have the biggest blisters ever on my right hand right now. So you will just have to be satisfied with this:

The moon was full and we were full of mischief. There is nothing better than having a partner in crime who is in the same mental place when you are feeling that way. Now hopefully we will be able to channel that energy into the band... That is right, I said The Band!

Stay tuned! ;-)


Unknown said...

I went through a mature phase in my 20's but I've now regressed to being a teenager chasing but failing to catch girls.

Unknown said...

When you say "The Band", I hope that doesn't mean that Robbie Robertson has asked you to help revive his flagging career.

And does this mean that soon we'll be reading Jon telling us how lonely it is back home whilst you're off on the road?

me, myself and I said...

This post certainly made me sit up and take notice! Can't wait to hear more.

I've never tried being mature or responsible - what's it like?

Gordon - try taking the blindfold off! :)


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