Monday, August 08, 2005

on with it....

I feel like I should go ahead and do my birthday post now that I think I have milked the day for all its worth and it is time to stick a fork in it and call it done.

I must accept the day has come and gone and I am now officially in my thirties, no longer just thirty. I know, "Wha!" right?

Whatever, just don't come crying to me when it happens to you!

We started celebrating my birthday on Thursday eve at Midnight at the Teenage Fanclub show. Great show, if you missed it, you missed out! After the show we went down to the band room. The guys were all very sweet and gracious hosts. They made sure we were all set up with drinks and offered snack and so on. We toasted my birthday as it was now after midnight.
I look forward to maybe seeing them again later this year in Germany when they are on the road with The Posies!

Thursday night was my birthday. Wonderful Licia set up for everyone to meet at Ye Old Spaghetti Factory. loads of my friends showered me with love and many lovely scented gifts. I received a lot of different flavors of lotion and some pretty awesome chocolate. Is that because once you get to be "in your thirties" moisturizer is so much more important? I didn't ask, and I am not complaining. This is the good stuff. Also got a yummy CD that I have been dying to hear. Mmmmm... Great music, yummy lotion and amazing chocolate. That sounds like a good night!

Friday I was at work and I got a Fed Ex package from my darling husband (Who is in Sweden today I think???) He ordered from my favorite gift buying place I am now the proud owner of my dream bracelet! It is a classic diamond and white gold tennis bracelet. I spent half the day like a crow mesmerized by the sparkle in all different light. What a good man. I can't wait until he gets home so I can properly thank him. He gives the best gifts!

Saturday I treated myself and my friend to pedicures and pampering which was much needed.

Sunday I went shopping. I was compelled to spend all of the money my mom sent me for my birthday. I bought myself some new sunglasses, a classic Luis Vuitton purse and a really cute Coach clutch. (Thus ending all purse purchases for at least 6 months. I think I have an addiction!)
Swung by Nordstrom and picked up some cute fishnet tights to go with my party dresses. It seems I don't have a problem spending my mom's money after all! Shocking I know! I still need to call her and tell her what she bought for me.

Sunday eve we went to Chop Suey for what was called Hipsters and Fags night. It was pretty slow when we first got there but started to pick up. There were $1 drinks so I spent a lot of time trying to get Amie loaded so I could convince her to sing Karaoke for the gong show. I think in an attempt to drink enough, we drank too much and decided to just call it a night without singing. The next time I will be doing my version of the Banana Boat song. I know you all wait with baited breath.

Thus ends my birthday week. I will now continue on with my thirties.


Shawn Anderson said...

Thirties ain't so bad... seemed like I was running in place until I turned 31.

You know, they say 50 is the new 30... so mathematically speaking, that would mean that 30 is the new 18.

Happy 19th Birthday!


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