Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'll be your fanclub baby!

Licia, Amie and I hit the Teenage Fanclub show last eve. I had drinks. Since I don't normally drink, any amount is too much for me, but I think I may have overdone it. I am still feeling a little wooozy this morning!
The show was pretty great, really crowded, but the band sounded good. We ended up watching the 2nd half of the show in the room next to the show room only because it was so stifling hot and there was really no place to stand. (Unless you wanted to be pressed up against strangers) Oddly enough the sound was fabulous from that room.
Since The Posies are going to be doing some shows with them later this year and they are old mates from back when we were on the list to get in. Jon made me promise to thank to tour manager after the show for setting it up. So after a wonderful pop music show, I went and found the tour manager and he asked if we would be interested in coming down and saying hello to the lads. We said, "But of course!"
We grab our Capillaries friend Michael as well since he had shown some interest in meeting them if the chance arrived.
We went down to the band room. the guys were all very sweet and gracious hosts. They made sure we were all set up with drinks and offered snack and so on. Michael and I spent a good amount of our time down in the band room bending Norman's ear. He was so sweet and super funny.
After a few hours of gabbing and drinking it was time to head off for those of us who had to work early in the morning and for the guys to hit the road as they have to be in CA for a show today!
All I can say is that they are top Notch guys, it was a pleasure hanging out with them and I look forward to maybe seeing them again later this year!

Oh and it is my birthday today.


Shawn Anderson said...

Happy Birthday (belated!)

I wanted so bad to go to the show, but with a 5-month old that's still not sleeping right... well, let's just say it wasn't on the table. I'm glad to hear it was good. I hope they come back again here again when they tour with the Posies, as it's been 7 or 8 years since they were here last before this show.

I'm still trying to work on getting to go to that Dinosaur Jr. (reunited!) show coming up on the 20th.

p.s. just 3 episodes left of SFU, to answer yer question from before ;)

Old Ron said...

Tonight I took the opportunity to read your blog, which I do from time to time, having been introduced to it by suzyintheuk (it took awhile for me to not read this as soozie 'nthork) who is I suppose my niece-in-law. That aside I wish you a very belated Happy Birthday. I also wish to point out that on August 3rd I was twice your age, but from now on I can never be that old again - so I must be getting younger; Thank You. I also want to thank you for your blog in reminding me my mothers birthday is soon, and had I not read your blog I would have forgotten it - again Thank You.


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