Sunday, July 31, 2005

Welcome Peanut! We have been waiting for you!

I woke up early this morning but I laid in bed staring at the ceiling for at least two hours before I was finally motivated to move. The cats know when my eyes open. Maybe they have such heightened sense of hearing that they can hear my eyelids as they slam open. How they are in my face meowing within seconds of my reaching consciousness leads me to believe so. Or it is just the predictability of my natural body clock. I have been working the same shift for so many years, I can’t stay asleep past 9AM to save my life, unless of course I have stayed up drinking until 4AM and then maybe I will sleep until 10AM. It is stupid.
I stared and they circled me like little hairy Piranha. They head butted me in the face, tried to burrow under my blankets, stuck their wet noses to the exposed skin parts of my body. They basically did their best to drive me out of bed and into the kitchen since I am the one with an opposable thumb.
Maybe it is my birthday that is getting me down? It is only a few days away, and I am now officially out of the age bracket where you say, “Woohoo I’m turning _ today!” I think I may be entering the age bracket where I start lying about my age, but my little preteen looks like a teen daughter would never allow me to do so, and I refuse to be one of those, “Hey let’s pretend we are sisters!” kind of mom’s even though most days strangers ask if we are anyways. My darling daughter always says, “No, she my Mom!” and draws out the “O” in mom with a tone that can only say, You are an idiot!

OMG! As I am writing this I just noticed some commotion in my gerbil cage! We have a baby! Yay! There is only one though, and what I am reading online is that it’s chances of survival are not so good because mom may not be able to make enough milk.  I guess only time will tell…
We named the baby Peanut. I hope she can make it live!

Wow, what a mood swing that was... I could go back and edit, but decided not to. It is more fun this way.


Unknown said...

I've experienced 31 myself, so I know how you're feeling.

On my 30th birthday, I was in Australia suffering from tonsilitus, whilst my brother I was staying with was at a conference in Japan. There were no witnesses to my birthday and so it couldn't be proven that I'd turned 30 at all.

On my 31st birthday I had just come back from Australia and was staying my parents' house. They were away on holiday, so again my birthday didn't happen.

This year, I had 3 parties, so it was tough suddenly going from being 29 to 32 in such a short space of time.


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