Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is the sound of me aging quickly...

Mom "So how was your first day?"
Kid "I made a new friend!"
Mom "Really! What is your new friend's name?"
Kid "His name is Mac!"
Mom "Let me guess, Mac is the super cute mini hipster boy with the dyed black hair right?"
Kid "Yeah! How did you know?"

Wow, she is more like me than I would have guessed!
Apparantly they hung out all day and had lunch together. She said she thinks he is cool because he likes all of the same comics as she does.



Sloop said...

New friends at school are always fun; especially when they're super cute.

freethoughtguy said...

Hi! I found your site while blog-surfing, and I downloaded your "audio clip." It's a lovely acoustic number ... thanks for turning me on to "Dear John Letters!"

PS ~ I saw The Posies in San Francisco this week ... awesome show!


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