Thursday, September 15, 2005

Too much crazy!

I was listening to a radio ad in my car on the way to work today. They were talking about Bipolar disorder. I realized that probably 80% of my friends could answer yes to almost all of those questions!

Seriously folks, I know Bipolar disorder is not something to make fun of, and it can really be horrible for some people, but these ads! My god! They are so sensational and just about anyone could relate to them. And really, if someone truly had the disorder, do you think they would realize it by hearing the ad? Because when you have a mental disorder, isn't part of the mental disorder not knowing that you have something wrong with you?

I think FOX news writes the ad text!


AndyP (Seattle, WA) said...

This is where I feel I have to leave a comment. As a moderate it is fun to watch the left and right snipe at each other over their little pet issues, but make no mistake about it...the extreme left in this country has made it popular to have every disease or mental disorder known to man...It is a way to deflect responsibility for ones own actions. He killed his whole family,not because he was a stupid asshole, but because he had ADD and his mommy drank a wine spritzer when she was pregnant. If anybody is responsible for over dramatic mental disorders ads, that would be the byproduct of the left leaning mainstream media...not FOX news. Believe me, I am an equal opportunity offender. I will be calling out all of the self righteous right wingers when they denounce Halloween as Pagan in a few weeks, but then perform the Pagan ritual of a tree in their homes at Christmas.

Michelle Auer said...

I like to blame FOX news for everything that is overdramatized. They make a few snoflakes all sorts of "Shock and Awe" around here.
Also I saw one of their newscasters at Target once and she looked like a Porn Star.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I was only kidding. I know there is some drug company marketing department keeping an eye on the bottom line and profit margains who are out there writing the ad text.

freethoughtguy said...

That's right, Michelle. There's a pill for this and a patch for that ... and a pretty profit for the drug dealers (oh, I mean the pharmacuetical industry)!

me, myself and I said...

Kind of on-subject...

We are having a 'fuel crisis', apparently.
It was invented entirely by the media, who had nothing else to report that day, and caused panic buying, which emptied the petrol stations, which caused... a fuel crisis. It lasted a whole 4 days and for that 4 days the world was coming to an end, chicken lickin has left the country, just in case.

There is a debate going on over here in the UK about whether exams are getting easier or kids getting more intelligent. You only need to try to hold a conversation with one of them to know for sure that the latter isn't true (careful, touchy subject). However, the few kids who don't get an A now all have 'learning difficulties' or 'autism'. They can't just be a bit stupid? Why does there have to be something or someone to blame.

The whole blame culture makes me crazy. Maybe I'm bipolar. Maybe I need some of those pills. I'm off to read a 4 page leaflet and self-diagnose several serious disorders. Later... :)


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