Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And here is another one....

This was 120 minutes on MTV back when they still played music on MTV. Also around the time I met Jon (Has it really been 11 years already? Madness!)
They are so cute because they are such a ball of nerves. Oh youth!


Earl said...

as you know I'm on dial up so I can't watch, but didn't it include an interview portion, or am I thinking of the Dream All Day video premiere? I had it on video tape for the longest time, left it at my parents' house and then lost it when they recorded over it. I was so bitter.

Those were the days. I hear flannel is coming back though.

Michelle Auer said...

It is Solar Sister! :-)

Dial up blows. :-(

I hope flannel never comes back.

Earl said...

yeah, and at work they block Flash so I can't watch anything there either! I made a promise to myself that we're getting dsl or cable internet before the end of the year.

Michelle Auer said...

I got a letter from Comcast the other day saying they are having a $19.99 special through January. Just a thought. Then if yoou didn't like it you could cancel before it got spendy again in Feb.


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