Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Buzzcity Talking

Things that are better than talking:

Slow dancing. I am a true believer in slow dancing. Always have been. Especially the impromptu kind where the music is in your heart and head.

Kissing. A much better use for mouths, always.

Writing. It is like talking but you get the opportunity to think before you express yourself and avoid saying stupid things that you will later regret.

Hugging. Like an abbreviated slow dance and can be more intimate than a kiss depending on how it is done.

Singing/Poetry. Write a song that says everything you ever wanted to say but never could. One of the few genres where you can tell all of your secrets to the whole world and people will just assume they are pretty lies in the name of art.

Make a mix tape. Every song tells a story.

Movies. We are raising a world full of voyeurs. Sometimes it is easier to watch life than it is to participate.

Making lists. Best way to organize thoughts and quiet the static.

Daydreaming. My favorite escape.


Deb Hardman said...

I hope your feeling better. I'd like you to wrap your arms around yourself & squeeze, & know your mother loves you, then go give Darian & Jon each a hug too. Thanks for the comments on the purse snatcher!

phoebe marie said...

holding hands. that's good, too. the physical side of my new relationship consists of little else than kisses, hugs, and holding hands. lots of holding hands. i forgot how nice that is.


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