Thursday, November 10, 2005

Little by Little - Harvey Danger

I have had a few weeks now to get to know the new Harvey Danger record intimately and I love it!
I am really looking forward to seeing them live in support of this record. (Nov 18th is the next Seattle show) If you chose to take advantage of the free download and not buy the CD you are totally missing out! My most favorite song on this record, the one that gets the repeat button the most and has become one of my top ten favorite songs for 2005 is not on the free download! You have got to dig deep and buy the disc for this one.
It is a song called Cold Snap. I love it because it sounds so different than everything they have done in the past, it shows Sean's range to a point where I didn't even recognize it was him the first time it came on. It has a totally sexy vibe to it that just gets under your skin. I love it, love it, love it. So go out and buy it, you will love it too!



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