Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm a very lucky girl, yes I am..

I have been feeling good these days. Getting things done, moving forward leaving the past where it belongs and so on. I am in excellent health getting better every day, almost all of my laundry is done and my house is clean, I have a fantastic kid and I am crazy about my husband. All in all life is good.

Last evening I babysat little Aden. She is such an adorable little girl! She was so interested in our kitties all running through the house. Every time one would walk by she would point and squeal and start to bounce. It was so freaking cute! When she started to get tired, we got all cozy on the couch and I introduced her to Muppets in Space. She was mesmerized! She was out like a light in no time and mom and dad showed up not long after to retrieve her.
Dom is such a cool lady as well. The more I spend time with her the more I am going to miss her when she goes back to Paris. Ken really picked a good one there! Aden is too adorable as well. He is a lucky guy that one!



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