Friday, May 13, 2005

Too many sushi rolls!

Jon and I went on a little sushi date last eve. I ordered sushi on my own last eve which was really hilarious. They gave us this little sheet of paper to mark off what we want. Now I have never really ordered sushi before so I am going over all of the selections and he is explaining what each is to me.

I decide the California roll sounds good. so I mark that i want 2 of those and 2 cucumber rolls. Jon says, "Are you sure?" I am thinking "I can handle 4 pieces of sushi no problem!"
He orders several other selections and we turn in the slip. When our sushi shows up it looks like it was for 5 people! Turns out 1 California roll consist of like 6 pieces! I ordered like 24 pieces of sushi for myself not 4!
What a dork!

When Jon realized what I had been thinking he just laughed and said, "I just thought you must be really hungry when you were ordering!"

So we stuffed our faces and had several to bring home. The California rolls will keep in the fridge to have for lunch today. I guess we all have a first time! :-)



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