Thursday, May 05, 2005

New BFF!

So last eve we introduced Podo and Milo after spending a few days in a split cage. I had my oven mitt on one hand ready to break up any fights that might occur. It was the cutest thing ever! It was instant love. Kodo is about twice the size of Milo and he just jumped on him and started licking him. It was so adorable. He then let Milo go, Milo tried to run and hide. Kodo would go up to him and get close to his face and close his eyes and put his head down in front of him, like he was showing that he was not going to hurt him.
He kept doing that over and over until Milo finally stared to groom Kodo. Within a few hours they were best buddies. It is super cute, they both seem very happy to be running around and playing.

I am so glad that it was a successful introduction! I was worried that Kodo would die from a broken heart after Podo died. Now he has a brand new baby to take care of!



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