Thursday, June 23, 2005

Batman Begins

It was exactly what I expected it to be. Nothing revolutionary, but a decent little action movie. Far better than the 2nd X-men movie, but inferior to the 1st. It falls somewhere in between.
The coolest effect of the movie is how they used the camera to make the action sequences seem like the fluttering of bat wings, the downside to this is it physically makes you dizzy after a while. The people I went with all felt a little drunk leaving the theatre due to the swinging camera angles.

The downside; I wish they would have cut the big car chase in the middle down by about 5 minutes. The whole movie was about 10 minutes too long and during that car chase it really started to feel that way.

As expected the movie ends with either a set up for a sequel or a very loose link to the 1st Batman movie starring Jack Nicholson. I am not sure if they are in any way connected, but how they ended it, it left me wondering if they were meant to be.

The best part of the movie experience for me: I saw the preview to the new Fantastic 4 movie which I am looking forward to this summer!


me, myself and I said...

Fascinating fact!!
Did you know that a lot of the new Batman film was shot at Cardington airship hangers just outside Bedford, about 6 miles away from our house? We see them every day on the way to work. They are absolutely huge, built to house the famous R101 airships.
A lot of people from Bedford got to be extras. I thought about going to go along to the audition, but couldn't be arsed.
See, you learn something new every day!

Sloop said...

BB was a pretty sweet movie. And the film's climax reminded me of all the monorail chases I was in when I lived up in Jet City.


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