Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BOOM says the sky

I just spoke to my daughter, she is sounding a little blue. Today was her last day of school and it is also her last day at the school she has been attending for the last few years. She has been excited about the new school up until today. I think the reality of the finality of it all just hit her today.
Poor baby.

I had a pretty great work day so far. Still 2 hours to go...

The weather went from sunny to crazy downpour in the last few minutes and I didn't bother to wear a coat! I hope Jon will be able to pick me up! At least we have a Value Village downstairs. Worse case scenario I will just run down there and buy an umbrella or something rain proof.

Woah! We just had major thunder. The windows are actually shaking!


jonny ragel said...

did you have any fierce weather activity sunday night? here it turned bright orange with very impressive lightning. I love the NW.

btw- I also love your BTS reference. movies of my dreams is still my fav BTS cut eva. I spin that whole record consistently.

cheers to staying dry (unless it's a john cusack movie).


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