Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Another day another dream..

This one consisted of a not pregnant co-worker finding out she is pregnant and then FF to her having a baby girl. We were having an office baby shower for her after the baby was born (In my dream she came early) It was in the Spring next year. It was a happy dream, and pretty vivid. I am just glad it was not another creepy anxiety dream like I had been having!

Last Night:
Darian and I rented the latest season of Dead Like me that came out on DVD yesterday! I am so happy! It seemed like we waited FOREVER for that to come out! We had a slumber party in my room last eve and watched them until I seriously could no longer keep my eyes open. This morning came early and I was TIRED. Of course my little night owl of a child could have watched the entire season! We made it to the 7th episode, tonight we will watch the rest.

It is such a fun show. We love it! And really, I needed to laugh at/make light of death after the last week. It is fantastic for that!


Sloop said...

What's "Dead Like Me"? I've never heard of it.

Michelle Auer said...
it is on Showtime (Or WAS on there) I hear rumors that the sci-fi channel might pick it up though. I love it!


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