Thursday, July 21, 2005

Second hand news

I am going to put on my writers cap and update the website for Jon today. He is far away from a computer and traveling so much right now he just would not have time to write, but he checks in with me regularly so I figure the least I can do is pass along some of his road stories so far.

He said Paris was three-showers-a-day hot and muggy, but it was a lot of fun. This was the first show to launch the tour. He said they sold quite a few T-shirts (I guess they have special Euro Posies shirts just for this tour) and the crowd was awesome! They had not practiced in a few weeks so it wasn’t perfect, but it went really well for the first show of a tour.

They played with Cheap Star (The band that Ken has been working with and that Jon is going in the studio with for a week before they leave on the US tour at the end of August.) He said during the show both Jon and Ken joined Cheap Star on stage. They are a band to watch if you are in those parts. Jon played the CD for me of rough mixes and it was pretty cool! Funny story, I guess they were late for sound check because the van was “misplaced” Someone in the crew moved it to a safer area for parking and then got turned around when going back to find it. Eventually it was found and they got started. Sounded like the usual first day jitters type of thing to happen. I thought it was pretty funny!

Day two was in Switzerland. There was trouble finding a phone so I didn’t hear much about this particular show.

Show 3; day 4 they are in Dublin, Ireland. Jon called me after the show a little tipsy, but in good spirits. He said that the drive was like 30 hours in the van and on a ferry. I guess the navigator got lost a few times, which made the drive that much longer, but they made it to the venue no worse for the wear. He said they sold several CDs. The crowd seemed very friendly, even while we were on the phone I could hear people coming up saying “Great show!” He called me on Darius’ cell. I am sure we will be hearing from D when he gets that bill! Those silly boys!

So really, they are all in great spirits! Maybe a little homesick, but having a good time and still working out the bugs that come with the start of any tour. It looks like Ireland for the next few days. I will pass on any more show info as I get it.



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