Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sometimes I almost feel just like a human being…

I have been writing a lot of really strange emails this morning. Not strange as in creepy, but strange as in a lot of heavy thought involved before my first cup of coffee. It is welcome, gets the sludgy grey matter moving upstairs.

Jon and I have had a few nights of what I like to call the “insomniacs revolving door”. We sleep in shifts. I will fall asleep sort of early and wake up sometime in the middle of the night. He will be in the living room passed out with some DVD intro stuck on repeat. I will go to turn it off which will wake him up. He will go to bed but then I am awake. So then I am out watching late night television until the sun comes up. We can go around and around like this for days. It puts a new spin on ‘two ships passing in the night’ for me. It is nice to share sleeping issues with someone though. In the past my lack of being able to sleep through the night was a major point of contention for other people who have tried to cohabitate with me.

Last night I caught what I like to refer to as a cry-o-mercial. It was for Operation Smile. It is the one where they find these broken babies and they put them back together. My heart goes out to them. Every time I see it I just want to get on a plane and hug them all.

I’m bummed that I didn’t go into medicine. Why did I go to art school? I know; I was following the dream. (More like I was doing what came easiest.) I started school when my daughter was two. As a single mom I knew I had to take it easy because I didn’t have much time for studies between going to school full time, working part time and being in a band. So I went to art school. It was fun, but probably not the best choice in the long run.

My step-dad went to medical school when he was older. I try to keep that in mind. I told Darian that maybe we can go to college together. She seems to think that is a good idea (for now).


Anonymous said...

hey! we can go to school together and be study buddies!

Michelle Auer said...

Could you imagine the look of horror if we actually did go to school with the girls! Mwahahaha!


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